24 July 2011

Chelsea vs Malaysia 11'

It could have been the best day of work. Having to see Torres in the field and my last pay day before I bank in the money. But no, it was one of the worst day at work EVER. I cannot emphasize on how bad it was.

I was stationed at a bad place and with the amount of immoral spectators. It made things worse. Once and for all, people are selfish I understand. You paid for expensive ticket and you expect a good view in return. But excuse me, which part of English do you not understand that it is full inside maybe you should try the other side, sir/ma'am?

We talked to you nicely and you pointed fingers at us? Seriously, how immoral can you all be? Customer is always right but sorry I am not the fucking person who sold you the fucking ticket. Why should we, part-timers tolerate nonsense like a malay dude threatened to punch my friend's face? Which part of my GIRLFRIEND does not clearly shows that she is a girl? SHAME ON YOU. A man trying to punch a 19 year old girl? How pathetic can you be.

We were just trying to do our jobs, checking your tix to ensure that you are at the right place. I know it gets annoying when we constantly do it but if you would just sit inside and not go in and out all the time, we wouldn't even need to check. In fact, if we had a choice we didn't even wanto check! YKNOW HOW DIRTUY THE TICKET IS? Its soaking wet in some of your asses and sweat okay.

I came home and googled 'Chelsea vs Malaysia', came across a discussion at the Lowyat forum saying that we did not do our work and we just let people in as we wish. Excuse me sir, if you are not blind you could have see that the situation LOST CONTROL. We couldn't even do anything! Being treated like that with all these dramatic people going, I feel very underpaid okay! Not like we get extra OT money when we dismiss late.

To those who were nice and understanding, thank you very much. Really, could not thank you enough for being so nice.

To whoever who had tried any ways to be rude to the part timers, fuck you seriously. Fuck your immorality and rudeness. You should know who you are. Karma will get to you.

It could have been a good view. Beautiful day.

And my view end up being like that, could barely even see Torres wtf.

There you go, for whom it may concern.

Good day.


23 July 2011

Naega jeil jal naga

Loverboy @ home.

One of the boring nights as per usual. My name necklace from e-dian!
NOTD: Eyeko nail polish in Tea Rose, Essie nail polish in Chin Chilly.

@ Genting with Peiwuon and Bee.

Babyboy during one of his naps outside my room.

Can never hate iPhone apps.

Cannot love this pix of love more :P

Many days and nights spent in Starbucks for assignment purposes sighhhhh..


Girls day out for karaoke. Maycih & Linyng!

Peiwuon & Linyng!

Polkadot nails.
NOTD: Base - The Face Shop PK108, White polka dots - The Face Shop

Loves, V.

20 July 2011

Liverpool Training Day & Match Day, 14 & 16th July

Work was work, but it was not as hectic as the first day. Training day was okay! We were all stationed outside at the gates with good companions! I had Pwuonlove with me teehee. Maycih was with Linyng and err.. thats about it lol.

Preparing before work. Nothing particular but I just love how my face looks small here wtf

From violet gate, all the way to yellow gate. A good companion never fails ;)


And it was around 6pm where crowds became lesser.. so we were allowed to sneak in for a few mins to have a look! Liverpool fans are totally hardcore fans. The amount of people who came was more than the crowd from Arsenal's match day!

@ Match Day.

I was... all alone. Played a one man show and the worst thing was I had no signal with me everywhere from 3G to 2G till no service. Seriously pissed the living shit outta me because I wasn't supposed to be alone! Buthen again who can I blame -_- Good training to learn all by myself.

Made friends with a few of them and I swear it was so difficult to talk to people. Their pretty ignorant to begin with and ughhh thank god I met nice peoples too! I was stationed at the red gate till a man came to put me at the VIP2 entrance as a 'guide' which is pretty pointless because the securities knows the gates of the stadium wayyyy better than I do. I pretty much stood there for no reason.

& then another man came to put me at the VVIP entrance which was pretty torturous but good experience. Met so many big shots which obviously gives no fuck about my existence haha but the most embarrassing moment was when I didn't even knew the Prince of Terengganu was the Prince wtf until I saw his car plate! Finished job at VVIP entrance after Tengku Mahkota came. Swear I nearly died with the sun shining right at me and the stressnessss of standing there. I had a moment to myself thinking what if I made mistakes and some bodyguards just take out a gun and shoot me wtf. Great imagination, thank you.


I really had a good view to myself! I could have got a clearer view of Brad Jones *drools*

Anyway, working for Chealsea Match Day tmrw! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE TORRES!!!!!


18 July 2011

Arsenal Match Day, 13 July @ Bukit Jalil

Okay now stop calling me a spoilt brat because I do work part time occasionally! Trying real hard to earn my extra incomes. I can solely depend on pocket money anymore its just too.. little for me to survive -_-

Anyway, worked on all match days and this is just one of it. We were kinda separated from the rest but thank god I had Linyng and Amelia with me! Good companion. Pretty dramatic to begin with, stationed at the green gate as a ticket usher but yknow how civilized some people could me?

And what pisses me off most was when there were fights going on, a police standing right behind me totally ignored what I said. "Sudah gaaaduhhhhhhh!" *continues to look at me and pretend like nth happened* Srsly? Someone give him a punch on his face can??

Quite a distance away but it was a clear view though!

Liverpool and Chelsea day coming soon!


10 July 2011

My life is great

Because I have a 12 pages assignment worth 20% due on the coming Tuesday.

Because the whole Bersih 2.0 rally, I have been home for 2 straight days.





Now who am I kidding if I say I don't blame the rally for the road blocks all around Klang Valley? I am on neither sides, very neutral indeed. I have no interest towards politics and I don't know how corrupted the govt is. I tried to at least know what is this whole rally about buthen it starts to confuse me slowly, to a point I gave up knowing.

Yknow what pisses me off most? Not the road blocks but the ones whose on duty for the road blocks. They do not fucking check and all they do is just stare and stoned causing the whole massive traffic all around, creating havoc! 5 lanes all the way down to 1 lane. Well, it still would pissed me off if they are checking because honestly, this is none of my business and I can't be considerate enough to put myself in their shoes.

All I knew was I had to go home after a long day at college. With my fucked up test and presentation, I knew I just had to get home, washed up and go look for Peiwuon love to rant away. I had to go home for dinner and I needed to pee! So who would give a fuck about how all these angry drivers feels on the road, being stuck in the traffic, dying to pee and to ease their hungers huh?

Now I thank God everything is over. Well, hopefully.

I have no comments.


What was it again?

One of the Wednesdays where we had 6 hours break. Eskius my macam yes pose while playing pool hahaha! No intention on posing!

Mai loz fwenz.


I think it was when he pissed me off as usual and I started throwing everything I see on his table to him and he was so busy catching lol!

Thank your for your concern. His not my boyfriend. As much as I wish to, his just a good friend haha :P

Starcbuks days again as usual! Maycih love x

Sem 4 made me gained weight!!!!!!!!!!! BECOS I IZ TOOOO STRESSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loves, V.

04 July 2011


本人虽然不是华校出生,但是今天逼不得以要写华语的。请原谅我的grammatical errors wtf

不知道是不是老了,开始觉得有时候也要退一步才会海阔天空。世界不只有我一个人 所以已学会要让 要忍耐 凡事都要想后果,因为挫折 我承受不了了。我觉得虽然我作为朋友 没有一百分 起码也有七十分!但就因为如此 我太过于爱插手 爱管闲事 因为我不忍受看到朋友受伤害,我真的会疯起来。不管是男是女,只要对方在做任何事情伤害我好友 我都会慢慢的对那个人反感 甚至到恨。

有时候看到朋友为他们的另一半做傻事,我会骂 在难听的 我都骂得出来。。但是最近在想 如果我自己遇到这些情况 我会不会也这样??因为本人从来没有好好淡过一场恋爱 所以不知道会有什么种感觉 要给什么种反应。

我才发觉 我真的错了。好错好错!感情本来就是两个人的东西,我竟然去插手 差一点连累到自己失去朋友。我有可能会因为自己的爱管闲事性格 害到自己失去两个朋友。已经在试着控制脾气不要爆发了 很辛苦但没办法。看来 我真的很爱骂人 (-______-)