26 June 2011

I can't help myself

I have to admit I am someone selfish and I would love to have all the attention on me. I don't share love and as much as I hate to, I don't really have a choice to pick. I know I should be happy for him and for her but I just can't.. yknow the feeling of sharing someone so dearly to you? It sucks big time.

I wish I can look at things at the brighter side but knowing me, how can I ever be positive? Especially at this stage where just a word would make a difference. Snap; it's sold.

I know I worry too much and that is something I can't control of but I really do wish things remain as its state now. For whatever that is gonna happen next, I do see it coming but I am really not ready for it. Its too soon for me to even digest the fact ya know?

This is not about me, but I hope you prove me wrong. Prove what I foresee wrong. I don't want anything bad to happen in the future.

No, I can't say "I'm happy for you!" just yet.

I need time.

Sufficient amount of time for me to face the fact and deal with it.

19 June 2011

All over the world

I have a love-hate relationship with college. Its been the most stressful and dreadful semester and hopefully this does not go on. Haven't even had the time to sit down and really write something I want to write about. I have some thoughts in mind :(

You, who are reading this blog. I thank you for your presence; though this blog is pretty much dead.

Loves, V.