31 May 2011


Random date with Love the other day. Love dinner dates! && Sushi Zanmai is always first in our what-to-eat-tonight list, never phail. Each time we decided to have something new and then after dinner we would come out with grumpy faces then rub it at each other's face, "If we had eaten Sushi Zanmai, then I wouldn't come out this grumpy with a bleeding wallet!"

Ok fine its me who said that most of the time WAHAHAHAHA.

We literally screamed after looking at this photo. WE IZ SO CHUBZ CAN DIE OMFG APASAL SO CHUBBY ALREADY WAAAAAAAAAN!!

Pardon my SS moment. I was testing angle wtf

Omfg -____-"

Ending this with our super random video wtf.

Bai. Goodnight.

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