22 May 2011

Girl's night out \\ 21052011

Twas' one of those days when I get to catch up things with Miss Shawn. Finally got to chill and have a good talk together. Pwuon was there as well. Wasn't in a tremendously good mood probably was too worn out not having good sleeps.

Hoped over to Cocobanana for a drink. Not a good place to chill, would pretty much bore the living shit outta you but its really quiet when there's no one singing (the pub singer is so fucking annoying when she sang immortal, kenot be anymore happier if someone smash glasses) but alchohol ain't no cheappz man. Totally burnt a hole in my purse.

Before heading out, makeup check!

☑ Pass!

Developed a behavior of not being able to get my phone outta my sight. Nothing severe but I just kenot leave without my phone anymore!

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