31 May 2011


Random date with Love the other day. Love dinner dates! && Sushi Zanmai is always first in our what-to-eat-tonight list, never phail. Each time we decided to have something new and then after dinner we would come out with grumpy faces then rub it at each other's face, "If we had eaten Sushi Zanmai, then I wouldn't come out this grumpy with a bleeding wallet!"

Ok fine its me who said that most of the time WAHAHAHAHA.

We literally screamed after looking at this photo. WE IZ SO CHUBZ CAN DIE OMFG APASAL SO CHUBBY ALREADY WAAAAAAAAAN!!

Pardon my SS moment. I was testing angle wtf

Omfg -____-"

Ending this with our super random video wtf.

Bai. Goodnight.

25 May 2011

Sem 4, ahoy!

The beginning of the week & its so torturous already :(

-- I could use a little help here yknow! Research papers; one of the toughest papers so far. I don't know man how does it sound easy to pass when I can't even get many things right. I've got loads of research to do this semester. *burst into big sigh*

Been really busy and would go on being a buzy bee for the coming 9weeks. Why am I not surprised?

Now, who said short semester was fun again?!

Vinod was explaining how he crashed the other day. Look at how focused I am >:)

Lovelove, V.

22 May 2011

Girl's night out \\ 21052011

Twas' one of those days when I get to catch up things with Miss Shawn. Finally got to chill and have a good talk together. Pwuon was there as well. Wasn't in a tremendously good mood probably was too worn out not having good sleeps.

Hoped over to Cocobanana for a drink. Not a good place to chill, would pretty much bore the living shit outta you but its really quiet when there's no one singing (the pub singer is so fucking annoying when she sang immortal, kenot be anymore happier if someone smash glasses) but alchohol ain't no cheappz man. Totally burnt a hole in my purse.

Before heading out, makeup check!

☑ Pass!

Developed a behavior of not being able to get my phone outta my sight. Nothing severe but I just kenot leave without my phone anymore!

21 May 2011


Always wish I could hold onto my determination to make you happier.


18 May 2011

Bangkok 11'

It wasn't a last minute plan. Tickets were long booked way back in February together when we all decided to go have another round of fun! I seriously don't understand how and why people would say Hong Kong is a shopping heaven. Eskius mi? There is literally NOTHING there worth buying especially after rate conversion to RM. You guys should really explore Bangkok! Bet all girls would love it! Love the people, love the prices, love the shopping and love the food!

A day after my finals, I left on an afternoon plane to BKK for a 5d4n trip. Honestly it was a little too draggy. 4days should be sufficient enuff. There were so much to buy but so little cash to spare sigh. The other time I was there with Bee last december, both of us had cup noodles almost every night just to save some cash for shopping lmao. The cup noodles there are awesomely yummy and cheap! RM1.30 for a cup noodle omfg tom yum goong flavour FTW.

I only have 2 pictures from my camera and the rest are all from my phone lmao. My phone comes so much more handy compared to my camera! Considering to get a new camera myself hmmmm.. still looking around for good brands that takes good quality pictures.

Look at how swell I was! I look like a freaking mango wrapped in foil wtf thanks to Mother of all Mother Period. Puuuurfect timing.

Not forgetting, pale; my bestf for the past 19yrs of life. Wish there was once I just look rosy pink and not white liddat. Photos are not photoshopped at all. Check those pimples out sigh.

The day where we all looked so awesomely retarded but cool for wearing the same T's. Oh yes, you're looking at my Siamese twins.

Otw to airport, heading back to M'sialand.

I'm not depressed for leaving BKK but bcoz I get air sick really badly. The smell of the plane is sufficient to make me throw up.

&&&& ta-da, my journey ended. I did not have extra hands to snap pichas okehh ='(
Quite depressing cos I was telling myself that I have to dress up every single damn day of BKK just so I can take nice memory photos with all my loves buthen the weather was just disappointing and I had to walk a distance okay!

Bangkok end of the year again? =P

16 May 2011

NOTD: Essie Chin Chilly