18 February 2011

Pinch of randomness

My streamyx line had been PMS-ing for the past few days. I have the slowest connection ever evenw ith a 4mpbs line! So intolerable I could litreally swallow someone down my tangki. I kid you not.

I haven't been doing much. More of slacking around, going on a movie/drama marathon and gaining some extra weight. Why yes, thankiu very much, I am absolutely proud with my weight gain (sarcasm inteded) and have you ponder upon my formula?

Answer: Chinese New Year.

Well okay I have a love/hate relationship with CNY yearly! As usual I get really paranoid with my weight gain but pls lemme explain myself. Thin people will never understand the feeling of being fat/chubby! There, choose your less hurtful word! I may be a little obsessive with my weight that I weigh myself like twice a day *cough* but seriously I cannot let myself go back to zero.

I cannot afford to go back to the chubs girl I used to be. And the funny thing is that people never tells me I'm fat! They go all, "Aiya you are tall you don't look fat!" If you have friends like that, please give them a slap on their face and scream YOU ARE OBVIOUSFUCKINGLY BLIND loud and clear. I don't know what their intention is either they just don't want you to look good or they are blind.

Woopsie a little off track wtf.

Shalll sign off like nowzzz..


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