18 February 2011

Pinch of randomness

My streamyx line had been PMS-ing for the past few days. I have the slowest connection ever evenw ith a 4mpbs line! So intolerable I could litreally swallow someone down my tangki. I kid you not.

I haven't been doing much. More of slacking around, going on a movie/drama marathon and gaining some extra weight. Why yes, thankiu very much, I am absolutely proud with my weight gain (sarcasm inteded) and have you ponder upon my formula?

Answer: Chinese New Year.

Well okay I have a love/hate relationship with CNY yearly! As usual I get really paranoid with my weight gain but pls lemme explain myself. Thin people will never understand the feeling of being fat/chubby! There, choose your less hurtful word! I may be a little obsessive with my weight that I weigh myself like twice a day *cough* but seriously I cannot let myself go back to zero.

I cannot afford to go back to the chubs girl I used to be. And the funny thing is that people never tells me I'm fat! They go all, "Aiya you are tall you don't look fat!" If you have friends like that, please give them a slap on their face and scream YOU ARE OBVIOUSFUCKINGLY BLIND loud and clear. I don't know what their intention is either they just don't want you to look good or they are blind.

Woopsie a little off track wtf.

Shalll sign off like nowzzz..


17 February 2011

Valentine's Two Oh Oh Eleven

Nothing fancy. No big hoo-haa celebrations at all. But with friends around you, you'll always feel blessed!

How was your Valentine's?


16 February 2011

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream


Being a hardcore Hada Labo fan I am, am in the midst of trying out all their products one by one. I had loved their the Tamagohada Facial Wash, the Moisturizing Toner and Facial Wash and of course, the Moisturizing Lip Balm.

So obviously I went on trying out more products from their Moisturizing line. And this time, I tried their Moisturizing Cream. I swear I was more than delighted to grab hold of this product. Its retailed for RM 58.90 at all major pharmacies.

Read if you have to! ;P

Considering its only 50g, this is superb pricey. I can get a few lippies with that price okay! I hesistated awhile but since Mumzy is paying for it lol, why not right? We tested it out on our hands it felt really good. It dried fast and most importantly, its not sticky!

Look at how small it is -_-

Went home, cleansed and toned my face then I proceed with this. First try on it on my face, it was sticky! Which of course surprised me! It wasn't sticky on my hand and I didn't get a lot of the product on my face. So, I pat it till it feels a little more drying but still it felt sticky.

So i thought fine.

I'm gonna give this a second chance! It was worse the 2nd time wtf. I applied it before I go to bed and the next morning.. I felt like a frying pan. MY FACE WAS SO SO SO OILY I COULDN'T TAKE IT AT ALL. Then I started complaining to Linyng, a friend of mine who quite like this product on how it oil me and that I could literally fry an egg on my face. Not exaggerating at all!

But I thought like okay, I shouldn't just give 2 chances but more! So I went with my 3rd, 4th and yada yada yada..

I still did not like it and then it was left aside. I probably apply it only like weekly.

As you can see from the photo, the texture of the cream is definitely not creamy not sticky. Its very watery and moist! I think its probably just my skin thats unable to get the product right. What a waste! I'm looking for a good cream because I finally realize I can't just rely on my toner itself :P

No worries! I did not waste the product at all! cSeong was experiencing some major dry skin the other day, I couldn't bare a minute looking at his skin peeling. He asked for something moisturizing (LOL) so I handed him the cream! So now its put to good use and maybe his a guy.. He doesn't complain or look into details as much as us girls? No complains/rants on stickyness!

Overall would rate this a 2/10. Why 2? I love the texture LOL

Btw, I've heard that if your skin is over moist, it would result to oily skin. The Moisturizing Lotion/Toner moist me pretty well! I think my skin was over moist?

Please read at your own risk. Every information and comments given are based on my personal opinion. I am not affiliated with any companis. Reviews are given with my honesty! I purchased it with my own moos!

Loves, V.

03 February 2011

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lip Moisturizer

What is more yucky than a chapped lips?

I personally cannot tolerate if my lips are chapped! I get really really irritated and start applying lip balm like crazy. Before I found my new love, I was using Vaseline all the time. I still do use it but it's just not as often as before anymore.

Okay that's the closest picture I can find. Everyone knows Vaseline is awesome! I would rate it 5/5 but packing wise? A sad 3 instead. I hate any packaging that is lip sprout! It feels like you're gonna over apply it.

Then I came to find out that my favourite skincare line (if you haven't already know), Hada Labo came out with a lip moisturizer! Oh boy you have no idea how excited I was! I tweeted and even blogged about it! Immediately grabbed a stick for myself when I was out in the mall. And today? I've already hit my 2nd stick!

Retailing for RM 19.90 which I have to admit that its very over-priced for a chapstick but it did unchapped my lips! :P And to top a bonus to that, it did not make my lips as pale as Vaseline does. I don't bother reading the ingredients in a product actually, don't have that habit to.

It instantly moisturizes your lips and you would start seeing your dead skins starting to peel a little. I did read a review about how they did not like this because it only peels of the skin but I don't seem to have a problem with that :S In fact, I like this product a lot. I love how its not in a lip sprout packaging! 5 stars for that.

Overall? I'm giving this a 9/10!

Please read at your own risk. Every information and comments given are based on my personal opinion. I am not affiliated with any companis. Reviews are given with my honesty! I purchased it with my own moos!

Loves, V.

02 February 2011

CNY not very hols

I'm having like the utmost headache this CNY holiday. My assignments are so torturous and totally challenging for a artnoobie like me. I hate art and I never do good in art and the best thing is the whole assignment requires drawing. I wish I could double bold that word! I got help from Bee and hopefully she'll finish it on time. Its due next Monday :(

Now tell me how is this a holiday?! I can't even help to not think and worry about my assignment. I'm too damn scared that I wouldn't be able to finish it on time oh nuhhhhhhh.

God can you please grant some power for Bee to finish drawing everything on time T.T


01 February 2011

Pwuon's 9teen: 22nd Jan

As per usual, Love barely even plans or celebrate her birthday. No idea how she can be so cool bout no celebrations wtf but we still went for karaoke of course. 5 hours straight only came back at 330am *gulps gulps*

I made a new record wtf.

Btw, happy birthday love! 友谊万岁!