09 January 2011

Sing a long long story?

I felt like its been forever since I got to sniff my pillow and laze on my bed under the comfy sheets. But it was just yesterday where I did all these! I had 2 long days and it felt like x years since I last slept okay? Drag my lazy ass up at 7am this morning for paintball sessions with Pwuon, cWey, Mickey, Peiklian, Bee, Seng, Fats, Chiachun, xRou, karChoon, karFai and yours truly. No I don't like paintball and I just don't understand how would anyone get addicted to it. I just spent my one week allowance on paintball and yknow what's great?


Who am I kidding man. I do not haz extra cash to fork out and I do not want to get any closer to the ATM machine. My heart drops each time I cash out money omfg! Yezzzzz, you can do it Vivi! Oh btw, yes college starts tomorrow fml x100 and all the subjects I'm taking this sem looks reaaaaallly tough. *fingers crossed*

Night out! V.

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