08 January 2011

Ruff Ruff

Each time I'm over at Peiwuon's house, I cannot help it but to play around with him. Somehow I just feel that no one talks to him nor play with him at home lmao. Btw, if you guessed Pug, you are so wrong sweetie. Its a fucking shih tzu but a bald one lmfao. So the other day when Bee, Pwuon and I were brainstorming real hard where to head to for NYE celebration, I filmed this video and did a little editing hahaha. I am reaaaaaaaal glad that Mummykins insisted to get a poodle because me no likey shih tzu anymore. Not even a single bit.

I've been so caught up with flu, sore throat and whats not wtf. Thank god their all slowly recovering because yours truly would be heading down to Sg. Buloh for paintball session this weekend! Like finally after idk.. probably 3 years planning? I cannot imagine the amount of screams and yelling we are gonna make but it sounds like its gonna be fun. Well, it better be wtf I dowan to get bruises for absolutely no reason zz.

My neighbour is sucha pain in the ass. Fuck his life.

Loves, V.

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