23 January 2011

I am officially short.

'Omg? What's wrong with you Vivian?'

'Babe, are you depressed or something?'


Nuhhhhh! I am doing perfectly fine! I haz not lose my mind (yet to) and its definitely not because of depression la wtf! What made you guys think that I am undergoing depression?!

Coincidentally the day before my haircut, I was really sad about my weight and bank account wtf! I wish they switch okehh! Why can't my money grow like my weight and why can't my weight decreases like my bank account! Super depressed can die, like now.

I seriously only realize it was this short until I took pictures. I actually wanted it shorter like around my neck lmao :S Guess it was a right choice to stay at this length.

I'm not regret at all. Not that I love it but I don't hate it. But ohmyyy the head sure feels lighter and somehow I feel fresher! It still feels weird everytime I wash my hair. I do miss my long unhealthy hair that haz split ends (split until like nobody's business liddat wtf) because I look better in pictures with long hair! ='(

Next post coming up, my birthday dinner with the love! Stay tuned for it!

Loves, V.

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