16 January 2011

9teen: The Surprise

Frankly, I had never intend to do any celebration this year. Maybe because I don't want to go through the hassle of calling people. Maybe because I don't find the need to celebrate for a 19th. Maybe because birthday has officially lost its meaning to me. Maybe because I don't want to remind myself that I'm turning a year older. Maybe because I no longer hype for birthday celebrations like I used to.

I love birthday celebrations more than anything. Well, err used to. Try putting me alone on my birthday I would just fucking cry in front of your face until someone brings me out or at least buy me a cake! Not that birthday symbolizes anything to me and I don't thank my mum for bringing me to this world LOL (well at least not on my birthday. its MY day not her day also wtf) but its the love I feel from people around me.

And this year, I am so damn fucking happy I wanto just hug all of them (if I can do a group hug of 10 I would!) until they suffocate and scream for help. It was a fucking good surprise.

Even after you guys made me shower and wash my godamn hair at 130am. From being sticky itcky and caked all over my face and yet I cannot do anything about it. From bringing me out to McDonalds, calling my mum up, invading my privacy (my pillow wtf!) to hiding in my toilet. I am just blessed. Truly blessed with people like you guys around me.


Photo credits to Gnesix.

Loves, V.

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