24 January 2011

9teen: The Dinner

Being as fickle minded as I can be, I only settled down with where and what to eat half an hour before leaving the house. I wanted Korean food so badly but since I had it last year and it always costs a bomb lmfao so I settled down with cheap Japanese food instead! Sushi Zanmai always win!

Not that I am a big fan of Japanese food because the only sushi I eat *cough is... *cough* Tamago. I love it okay! Even if you're gonna call me kiddy, I still love it! Tryna' discover more food now just gimme some time to heal my wallet. Its suffering from a severe leakage.

And right after dinner, initially I wanted to go for a round of drink but a part of me told me not to drink wtf so we ended up at Club9 for pool. Frankly, I HATE CLUB9. I don't like it there at all. The cue's are forever so heavy! Taipan is way way way better.



From head to toe: All from Bangkok. Except, me! Made in Malaysia wtf haha.

Linyng and Jon.

Okay the look superb hilarious! Kenot not post.

My bestie, my love, my sister, my soulmate, my toilet paper when I'm shitting hahahaha! That is how important she is :P

Muka macam yes.



Thank you for everything everyone! Love your presence so much!


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