29 January 2011

What the nailz?

Sponsored by the beloved brother, cWey! I insisted to pay half of it myself but he didn't want it. Sometimes I just love my brother la hahahahahahahaha.


24 January 2011

9teen: The Dinner

Being as fickle minded as I can be, I only settled down with where and what to eat half an hour before leaving the house. I wanted Korean food so badly but since I had it last year and it always costs a bomb lmfao so I settled down with cheap Japanese food instead! Sushi Zanmai always win!

Not that I am a big fan of Japanese food because the only sushi I eat *cough is... *cough* Tamago. I love it okay! Even if you're gonna call me kiddy, I still love it! Tryna' discover more food now just gimme some time to heal my wallet. Its suffering from a severe leakage.

And right after dinner, initially I wanted to go for a round of drink but a part of me told me not to drink wtf so we ended up at Club9 for pool. Frankly, I HATE CLUB9. I don't like it there at all. The cue's are forever so heavy! Taipan is way way way better.



From head to toe: All from Bangkok. Except, me! Made in Malaysia wtf haha.

Linyng and Jon.

Okay the look superb hilarious! Kenot not post.

My bestie, my love, my sister, my soulmate, my toilet paper when I'm shitting hahahaha! That is how important she is :P

Muka macam yes.



Thank you for everything everyone! Love your presence so much!


23 January 2011

I am officially short.

'Omg? What's wrong with you Vivian?'

'Babe, are you depressed or something?'


Nuhhhhh! I am doing perfectly fine! I haz not lose my mind (yet to) and its definitely not because of depression la wtf! What made you guys think that I am undergoing depression?!

Coincidentally the day before my haircut, I was really sad about my weight and bank account wtf! I wish they switch okehh! Why can't my money grow like my weight and why can't my weight decreases like my bank account! Super depressed can die, like now.

I seriously only realize it was this short until I took pictures. I actually wanted it shorter like around my neck lmao :S Guess it was a right choice to stay at this length.

I'm not regret at all. Not that I love it but I don't hate it. But ohmyyy the head sure feels lighter and somehow I feel fresher! It still feels weird everytime I wash my hair. I do miss my long unhealthy hair that haz split ends (split until like nobody's business liddat wtf) because I look better in pictures with long hair! ='(

Next post coming up, my birthday dinner with the love! Stay tuned for it!

Loves, V.

20 January 2011

What about this surprise?


16 January 2011

9teen: The Surprise

Frankly, I had never intend to do any celebration this year. Maybe because I don't want to go through the hassle of calling people. Maybe because I don't find the need to celebrate for a 19th. Maybe because birthday has officially lost its meaning to me. Maybe because I don't want to remind myself that I'm turning a year older. Maybe because I no longer hype for birthday celebrations like I used to.

I love birthday celebrations more than anything. Well, err used to. Try putting me alone on my birthday I would just fucking cry in front of your face until someone brings me out or at least buy me a cake! Not that birthday symbolizes anything to me and I don't thank my mum for bringing me to this world LOL (well at least not on my birthday. its MY day not her day also wtf) but its the love I feel from people around me.

And this year, I am so damn fucking happy I wanto just hug all of them (if I can do a group hug of 10 I would!) until they suffocate and scream for help. It was a fucking good surprise.

Even after you guys made me shower and wash my godamn hair at 130am. From being sticky itcky and caked all over my face and yet I cannot do anything about it. From bringing me out to McDonalds, calling my mum up, invading my privacy (my pillow wtf!) to hiding in my toilet. I am just blessed. Truly blessed with people like you guys around me.


Photo credits to Gnesix.

Loves, V.

13 January 2011

9teen is the last teen.


09 January 2011

Sing a long long story?

I felt like its been forever since I got to sniff my pillow and laze on my bed under the comfy sheets. But it was just yesterday where I did all these! I had 2 long days and it felt like x years since I last slept okay? Drag my lazy ass up at 7am this morning for paintball sessions with Pwuon, cWey, Mickey, Peiklian, Bee, Seng, Fats, Chiachun, xRou, karChoon, karFai and yours truly. No I don't like paintball and I just don't understand how would anyone get addicted to it. I just spent my one week allowance on paintball and yknow what's great?


Who am I kidding man. I do not haz extra cash to fork out and I do not want to get any closer to the ATM machine. My heart drops each time I cash out money omfg! Yezzzzz, you can do it Vivi! Oh btw, yes college starts tomorrow fml x100 and all the subjects I'm taking this sem looks reaaaaallly tough. *fingers crossed*

Night out! V.

08 January 2011

Ruff Ruff

Each time I'm over at Peiwuon's house, I cannot help it but to play around with him. Somehow I just feel that no one talks to him nor play with him at home lmao. Btw, if you guessed Pug, you are so wrong sweetie. Its a fucking shih tzu but a bald one lmfao. So the other day when Bee, Pwuon and I were brainstorming real hard where to head to for NYE celebration, I filmed this video and did a little editing hahaha. I am reaaaaaaaal glad that Mummykins insisted to get a poodle because me no likey shih tzu anymore. Not even a single bit.

I've been so caught up with flu, sore throat and whats not wtf. Thank god their all slowly recovering because yours truly would be heading down to Sg. Buloh for paintball session this weekend! Like finally after idk.. probably 3 years planning? I cannot imagine the amount of screams and yelling we are gonna make but it sounds like its gonna be fun. Well, it better be wtf I dowan to get bruises for absolutely no reason zz.

My neighbour is sucha pain in the ass. Fuck his life.

Loves, V.

07 January 2011

Hada Labo AHA/BHA Face Wash

I am not affiliated with any of these products but I am proud to say I am now a loyal Hada Labo fans and will probably continue to use their products until the day it phails on me wtf which I have no idea it would or not :P

After my past review on their Hyaluronic Acid Lotion and Face Wash, I decided to go on trying more of their products. So I got my hands on their AHA/BHA face wash which pfffffttt cost a bomb! I'm sorry I forgot the price of it but as far as I could remember, it was more expensive than the Hyaluronic Face Wash.

My opinion: On my first try, I really like this a lot! Even way more than the Hyaluronic Face Wash but somehow as time grew, I didn't really like this as much as before. It somehow gave me the feeling that it didn't really clean my skin really well. Although it works just like the Hyaluronic Face wash, both was able to remove the makeup on my brows but I double cleanse this each time I use it. It does not contain any scent. The texture of the cleanser was quite solid.. like it wasn't very watery which I didn't like that. I'd prefer something more watery. I'm almost finishing this but I went back to purchase the Hyaluronic Acid Face Wash again :P

Overall would rate this a ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Please read at your own risk. Every information and comments given are based on my personal opinion. I am not affiliated with any companis. Reviews are given with my honesty! I purchased it with my own moos!

Loves, V.