23 December 2010

Ole ole ole ole ole-bali!

It was one of those days where baby Linyng and I felt generous enough to pamper ourselves for dinner HAHAHAHA. Okay maybe not her but me (kasi yimsik skit), ever since I'm on sem break I've not gone for a nice dinner with friends okay, its thaaaaat bad.

I had a pretty tough time making up my mind because everyone was so busy with their things and I am the only one who looked super free because I'm always home during daylight and usually when the night has come, I will not be in.. WELL, but that is usually...... I've been a pretty good girl staying home lately k. So anyway back to dinner, we settled in at Ole-ole Bali, Empire.

My pirated highway!

BBQ chicken!

Something.... pasta!

Okay because I lost my current blogging mood due to some P&C...

I'm out of here PRONTO.

Loves, V.

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