31 December 2010

Flashback of 2010

Its the time of the year again! To look back, have a good laugh, move on and keep it in memory of everything you've did throughout the year. And having to think back of all of them makes me feel a little depressing. There are should and should nots that I might have been able to avoid if it weren't for my stubbornness but you know.. its part of life.

I would usually do a New Year's resolutions of myself yearly but its either I am turning old for all these that I am starting to find it nothing but a bunch of bullocks or that I know the truth is my chances of achieving my resolutions are real low.

2010 has been nothing but a year full of sins and very unhappy things. I made my loved one sad. I spent the most money throughout my 18 years of life (maybe it increases as my age increases too wtf), I loved and I lust, I've been through 2 rocky relationship problems that leads me to no where, I have been very stubborn, I made people around me worried, I made Mummykins bought me 2 branded bags which adds on X100 to my sin samo my results aren't fantastic, I go out almost every single damn day of the night, I automatically changed my curfew to 1am and the list goes on......

On the happier note?

I stepped into college for the very first time taking a subject that I am interested in, I made new awesome friends and they now officially plays a big role in my life and I do love them with all my heart, I officially turned legal enough to do legal things lmao, I owned my first camera, I owned my first brandeds, I went on a vacation with my friends with no parental guidance, I started creating my own time for curfew lmao.... & I can't recall anymore..

2010 is definitely one hell of a tough year for me but thank god I'm starting a new life tomorrow! 

Love each and everyone of you and may you all have a merry new year ahead! God bless! 

Loves, V.

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