31 December 2010

Flashback of 2010

Its the time of the year again! To look back, have a good laugh, move on and keep it in memory of everything you've did throughout the year. And having to think back of all of them makes me feel a little depressing. There are should and should nots that I might have been able to avoid if it weren't for my stubbornness but you know.. its part of life.

I would usually do a New Year's resolutions of myself yearly but its either I am turning old for all these that I am starting to find it nothing but a bunch of bullocks or that I know the truth is my chances of achieving my resolutions are real low.

2010 has been nothing but a year full of sins and very unhappy things. I made my loved one sad. I spent the most money throughout my 18 years of life (maybe it increases as my age increases too wtf), I loved and I lust, I've been through 2 rocky relationship problems that leads me to no where, I have been very stubborn, I made people around me worried, I made Mummykins bought me 2 branded bags which adds on X100 to my sin samo my results aren't fantastic, I go out almost every single damn day of the night, I automatically changed my curfew to 1am and the list goes on......

On the happier note?

I stepped into college for the very first time taking a subject that I am interested in, I made new awesome friends and they now officially plays a big role in my life and I do love them with all my heart, I officially turned legal enough to do legal things lmao, I owned my first camera, I owned my first brandeds, I went on a vacation with my friends with no parental guidance, I started creating my own time for curfew lmao.... & I can't recall anymore..

2010 is definitely one hell of a tough year for me but thank god I'm starting a new life tomorrow! 

Love each and everyone of you and may you all have a merry new year ahead! God bless! 

Loves, V.

23 December 2010

Ole ole ole ole ole-bali!

It was one of those days where baby Linyng and I felt generous enough to pamper ourselves for dinner HAHAHAHA. Okay maybe not her but me (kasi yimsik skit), ever since I'm on sem break I've not gone for a nice dinner with friends okay, its thaaaaat bad.

I had a pretty tough time making up my mind because everyone was so busy with their things and I am the only one who looked super free because I'm always home during daylight and usually when the night has come, I will not be in.. WELL, but that is usually...... I've been a pretty good girl staying home lately k. So anyway back to dinner, we settled in at Ole-ole Bali, Empire.

My pirated highway!

BBQ chicken!

Something.... pasta!

Okay because I lost my current blogging mood due to some P&C...

I'm out of here PRONTO.

Loves, V.

15 December 2010

My Precious

Okay there is a reason why I'm blogging!

I FUCKING PASSED MY SEM 2!! Not with flying colors nor any 'wow' results but you have no fucking idea how paranoid I am about this sem's results, knowing that I did not study much even when I stayed up till late hours/morning.. but seriously! I cannot be anymore happier and blessed!

The only thing I feel like doing now is to meet my Comm Law lecturer and say, "Miss V, I'm glad that I need not see you anymore.." I didn't meant that she's a bad lecturer in fact she's really funny but Law is definitely not my thing and I wouldn't want to have anything to do with it anymore in my life! Finally, can take a deep breathe phewwww! *pops champagne and jumps with joy*

Anyway, just came back from Bangkok yesterday after a 3 days 4 night trip with Bee, Peik, Jasper and Daphiene. It was guhreeeaaaaaaaaaaat there! Despite the fact that the only food we (more like Bee and I) consume was nothing but cup noodles from 7-11, food court and McDonalds, it was still a wonderful trip! There is no trip not wonderful when you get to shop okehhhhh. I didn't even had enough money changed! Overspent like crazy but its okay I don't get to do this often.


04 December 2010

"You can keep talking, but baby i'm walking away.."

Bzzzbee is back from Oz not for good though but 6 months is more than enough for me to puke seeing her too often.