18 November 2010

In my head


Can you please spare me a life?

I haven't been that particularly busy. Its not that I've started studying for any papers yet.. Oh wait! Spent like 4 hours on the tips given and the tips are less than a paragraph short FML

Awaken by the moody sun and my beautiful mom.

I haven't been in my best mood lately. Unsure of what I'm doing is right or not but I do enjoy the process. I know I don't deserve this but I can' get myself out of this anymore. Its not too late but maybe I just didn't want to. The feeling of awaiting kills, what more the opposite sex do not really care? If you ask, I don't know. I really do not know what to answer.

People only tell me to go on with the flow. Sometimes I feel the flow is there, but sometimes the flow isn't smooth. I am paranoid and I get too emotional way too easily. But have you all wondered why do I feel so? When you like the person way too much and this is it.

Will this be another disappointment??


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