29 November 2010

Cafe Chulo @ Jaya One

I am finally finals freeeeeee and I literally feel like screaming from the top of my lungs! I am thaaaaaaaat happy. Trying to not worry too much bout my results although Law was sucha pain in my ass and I don't think I did quite well since everyone who finished came out saying it was easy! FML

So I am practically lazing at home everyday and its been Day 2. Feels good to be rolling on bed everyday! I wish I can do this more often. I've been out almost daily for the month and I even broke my own record coming home late, getting all tipsy. I was shocked when I reached home to see all the cars. I was the latest :(

Even got sound by my friends for behaving liddat hmmm. Getting back my healthy lifestyle -- *cough* minus exercise plz. Alcohol for 3 nights in a row sighhh. Swear I'm not getting tipsy anymore especially when I'm out!

Anyway, been to Chulo and the environment there is just too awesome to say no to. Pwuon loves that place a lot! I need baby Smelly back home so we can all chill together-gether!

Jonjon and the Humanpig.

Indian, you look you're trying hard to resist temptation :P

Shrek4 and his pussy.


My personal A&W mascot!


According to him, my signature look wtf.

Look at their faces of happiness LOL


18 November 2010

In my head


Can you please spare me a life?

I haven't been that particularly busy. Its not that I've started studying for any papers yet.. Oh wait! Spent like 4 hours on the tips given and the tips are less than a paragraph short FML

Awaken by the moody sun and my beautiful mom.

I haven't been in my best mood lately. Unsure of what I'm doing is right or not but I do enjoy the process. I know I don't deserve this but I can' get myself out of this anymore. Its not too late but maybe I just didn't want to. The feeling of awaiting kills, what more the opposite sex do not really care? If you ask, I don't know. I really do not know what to answer.

People only tell me to go on with the flow. Sometimes I feel the flow is there, but sometimes the flow isn't smooth. I am paranoid and I get too emotional way too easily. But have you all wondered why do I feel so? When you like the person way too much and this is it.

Will this be another disappointment??