20 October 2010

Only Love

Just because its 20102010,
I'm blogging.

I've been really busy. Don't ask!



08 October 2010


Sometimes I wonder, why is there a need to forgive?

You may be able to forgive but can you actually forget everything that happened with an open heart and swear it to the life of yours that you won't hold any grudges anymore?

I do not have a heart of an angel. I can forgive but I would definitely not forget. I may be nice but bare in mind, I can be nasty too.

Learn to respect others before you yearn for respects.


07 October 2010

Kissin U

College makes you lazy because you do not have the time for blogging anymore.
By the way, hello everyone!

I really do not know how people manage their time so well for blogging and work! I've been on work, yes literally work, work but what I'm up to is for me to know myself and you do not need to find out hoho. I swear its so tiring to come to think of it -- college, tests, assignments, work. But I do feel blessed for what I am doing right now whether its college or work because I cannot be any happier! Yes there are times (or most of the time wtf) where I get grumpy and pissed but hey, part of life? ;)

Been going through some ups and downs that I do not know how to deal with but I've finally learnt to let things be and go on with the flow. There's no point pushing things to the extreme of suicidal wtf ahh whatever it is, I'm great.

On an unrelated note, I'm the most stubborn daughter ever but I'm changing!