06 September 2010

Raya Break!

Had the most awesome break! Kenot be any happier with a week off from hectic, tests and lecturers! Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them but they make me feel very stress wtf. I have no complains over boredom yet because I have a lot to do! I have movies, dramas and works to be done. Probably tomorrow or so I'm gonna start clearing the messy room and wardrobe. I kenot bare to look at it anymore.

On the other hand, Chef Vivi cooked for Peiwuon the other day! It was actually a late dinner because I agreed to cook Aglio Olio (which is also the only pasta I know how to cook wtf) to celebrate her coming to Inti SJ! But god knows what happened, plan cancelled. We had a visitor all the way from Japan to eat with us! Jeng jeng jeng.. she is none other than....



She didn't wanto but I made her cancel her call with her beau just to see us eat! Gosh, I am born to annoy her hahahaha. I miss her so much sigh. Usually during holidays she would always come over for sleepovers and then Belboy would always come pick her up at night. Why la why Japan :(

Butz its okay! I'll wait for you to come back home.... next year -_-


Anyway, you guys haven't seen my annoying friend for a long long time! I iz now present you, Lim May Cih.

Loves, V.

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