24 July 2010

Lost in Hartamas

One of those random days where Mas decided to be adventurous wtf so Peiwuon and I tagged along. Headed to Hartamas but couldn't stop laughing at every single shitz that happened in the car because Mas was being stupid *cough* as usual hahahahaha. Took like 3 rounds around Hartamas and yet we were still lost so gave up and settled down in PJ instead.

I suggested PJ since the very beginning during discussion but he likes to waste petrol liddat! So I can't help it haha. Played around with his new 15" mbpro. So fucking big and have finally decided not to bug Paps to buy me a laptop until this old junk die on me. Yeah and prolly do not need a macbook just yet. I would rather bug him to buy me a BB instead hehe.

Sem break haz officially started. Actually 9 days ago but life of Vivi is unhappening liddat. I've been such an angel. Stayed home almost everyday but out in the night once in a while to bond with the friends for yumcha sessions. Money is so so so crucial at this time right now. Feels so impossible to save up but as Adidas says, "Nothing is impossible!" Oh well...

Tried to played around with photoshop to make changes in the blog a little but ughh gave up in the end. Only managed to change the blog navigation links but I didn't like it. It makes me feel so.. idk what do you call that again? I love myself but I don't actually love myself that much yknow. Was planning to put faces of my lover&sub-lovers hahaha. Will change it in a days or a week. I get sick of my face too okay >:(

Kodak moments!

Photo on 2010-07-24 at 00.20 #2

Photo on 2010-07-24 at 00.22

Photo on 2010-07-24 at 00.34

Photo on 2010-07-24 at 00.35 #2

Photo on 2010-07-24 at 00.35

Old video back in May where they came over for "assignment" purpose haha.

Loves, V.

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