25 July 2010

Loser also has their wins

"A stronger and tougher person may not always win becos if the other person appears to be weaker than u are, u'd be called a big bully. And this is how the weaker nvr fails to gain sympathy from others. Life is nvr fair."

I wrote that on my Facebook last night where I encounter the same shit again and again. You know how that works? I'll take myself as an example. I had always appear to be someone playful and talkative, much more to a louder person. So let's say I was playing around with my really soft-spoken friend and she was trying to be playful with me like tickling me and all. But, there were only 2 of us and no one else.

Then she suddenly burst out crying becos.. okay, let's say she fell down from the chair herself. You know how people would blame me for her incident than to blame her?!?! And I am the one to be blamed for all those shits wtf just because she appears to be less playful and less likely to be playing around with me wtf? And apparently, my words would be less convincing. "Noooo! SHE FELL DOWN HERSELF I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!!" "No, don't lie Vivian! Its you!"

If you're one of those that does the same thing, FUCK YOU. Fuck you and your life upside down inside out.

It is also when I finally realize that I can never underestimate every fucking soft-spoken out there because behind those masks, THEIR A DEVIL IN DISGUISE. A big fat fucking devil full of shits and lies! Gosh and I believe that they are full of tactics that usually smart people like us would never learned just because tactics, to us are just a stupid tool. The brain is our weapon, we don't need tactics to live on in life wtf.

And if, you are being treated unfairly like that. Don't sulk over it; either you live with it or fucking argue the living shit out of yourself and let everyone know the real truth wtf.

If not?

Well, FYL to the max. Welcome to the world where life is never fair.

Loves, V.

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