11 July 2010

Long, Pink and Strong.

Who can haz Sigma Brushes now?!


Okay you have no idea how much I love these newly bought babies. It have been around for quite some time in the US and if you happened to type in "Sigma Brushes" on search, you would know how these brushes are compared to M.A.C brushes. And as we all know, M.A.C brushes can burn a big big hole in your purse and so that is why Sigma Brushes are made!

(Okay la I might sound damn exaggerate now wtf but I really love my brushes! Mad love!!)

(I hesitated for a while because I didn't want anyone to haz the brushes wtf. You could logon to http://www.sigmamakeup.com/ to get it buthen its very troublesome and so I found a local that brings in! But wtv it is, sharing is caring according to everyone wtf)

I got this babies off from LovelyAdornment at RM337 (+ shipping) for 12 brushes inclusive of 1 complimentary brush, the SS217 blending brush in travel size. It might sound damn pricey and yes it indeed looks pricey but if you would divide it equally among 13 brushes, each brush would only cost you RM26. How is that expensive for a superb good quality brush now!? I can never get a brush from M.A.C at such price!

I've yet to try out on those brushes though. I have no chance of dressing up for now wtf. And some of you might know that I have splurge on Etude House brushes last year and yess it is awesome for its price too and I have no problem with it shedding even after several wash. The Etude House brushes are smaller in size and their more of a travel kit brushes so would prolly keep it and use it for travelling instead!

I really don't know how to describe the softness of the Sigma Brushes. Their so so so soft and pretty. Duh because its pink so that adds onto the prettiness x100. No regrets on getting the brushes and I know how some of my friends thinks I'm stupid for spending RM337 on some stupid brushes wtf. I thought I was stupid and its a total waste of money but when you get to see the brushes, yknow everything's gonna worth it hahahahaha. Besides, I use brushes quite often what! So what's the harm on investing them and they can be used for many many years if you take good care of them!






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