12 June 2010

So, why don't you stay?

The month of June is just another stupid month to go through. I'm afraid.. I.. I have to start hating June. Seriously! Do yknow how much work is there to be done? Someone needs to put a full stop to everything. My assignments are very much never ending. Continuously one after another and on top of that, my assignment due dates are very close to my tests. I only have very little time to procrastinate okayy :(

And really, you have to believe me when I say college puts you on a crazily stressful mode. I'm pretty sure everyone would agree so. If any monkey would tell me that Mass Comm is very stress free and because I'm not a business/science student, I have less stress to go through. Are you fucking kidding me?? The stress is more or less equivalent my friend.

I have been sulking over my lost folder! A folder.. filled with pictures of everything and videos recorded are now officially gone for good. So half of my memories of 2010 is gone because I don't know how the folder was permanently deleted. I tried various software and programs to retrieve my folders back but most of my photos are overwritten by stupid temporary internet files so.. their gone. GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE. Out of 14k pictures scanned, I only managed to get back less than 20 photos.

There's nothing I could do. I did a back up on my folders last Decemeber wtf. So yup, their all gone now. You see how much I hate June now?

Loves, V.

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