02 June 2010

Khalil Fong Timeless Concert @ Genting, Arena of Stars

To be clear, I'm not a very big fan of him but absolutely loving all his songs. I actually risk myself from vomitting just to see him up up high at god knows how high it is. Do you know how much I hate the roads up to Genting?? The hatred is so strong that its sufficient to make me puke half a cup of javachip. It did not just happened once or twice but many times wtf. I feel so bad for my cup of drink okay!

Anyway, went through alot of hassle to get the tickets. I was in the midst of getting angry, pissed and wanted to just fuck my friend up. So who is the awesome person behind who got me the tickets and sold it off at half a price? Suetlove ♥ I know right, I sound so damn hypocrite now wtf but I really couldn't do or say much especially when I'm very pissed okay. Deeepeest and sorriest sorry from the bottom of my heart!

Peiwuon got us a ride up together with Gnes. Stayed over at Peiwuon's the night before and went up in the afternoon. Settled down at KFC for lunchinner (lunch x dinner) wtf and was super disappointed with the chicken they gave. Played around at the arcade to kill time and off we went to Arena of Stars!

I kept saying that I wanto dress up like a bird wtf just so Khalil Fong could spot me even from far but I realize my bestfriend here dresses more like a bird than me =P

Gnes and his never ending messages with BzzBee.

Hi, my name is Balloon Tan wtf wtf wtf.

The view from my seat!

Love and I.

Why you so cute wan?

And then the end of kodak moments FML.

(............) I blame myself okay wtf because of my procrastination! I wanted to charge my camera battery 2 days before but decided I would just do it a day before but who knew I would ended up at Peiwuon's house with my half dead battery life! Ughhhhhh but its okay I guess? I doubt I'll be able to take any pictures. Khalil looks like an ant from the camera. Oh and Gnes was not allowed to bring his DSLR in which we were all very unhappy about.

All in all, the concert was really enjoyable. Okay la, I admit I did hesitated whether to marry Khalil or WillPan at one point wtf but I figured I have too many sublovers waiting for me hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Peiwuon was so silly to say that she did not enjoy the concert much because he was too talented HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA wtf wtf wtf wtf!!


My pretty face to keep this blog alive.

I kenot be more thankful to be having shit lots of assignments coming one by one and I sense like !~%$&$%& of presentations coming now. I have one due tomorrow okay! I iz need a chill pill and chillax okay wtf. I kenot wait for sem break at all! God, gimme a life now plez! Oh and, following me on twitter would make things easier because I am a worm.

A lazy worm who would not be able to update her blog as often as before. Do you mind? www.twitter.com/ohmyvivian

Loves, V.

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