22 June 2010

If this is love.

Bzzz, I'm glad that you are standing strong right now. Before seeing you, I was worried as hell about you more than anything but after seeing you, I felt a big relief! I'm sorry that I couldn't be around with you all the time -- it still feels very Oz and M'sia right now. Promise when I'm finally done with all my assignments, presentations, tests and upcoming finals I would make it all up to you baby. ;) For any help, please dial my hotline. 24/7 on call just for you alright!

I can't wait to graduate from everything. These assignments are seriously killing me and it comes never ending! One after another? Are you kidding me? Oh now, what am I? Ironwoman ah? Why is it so difficult to earn coursework marks huh! And the amount of tests.. in one week there's like 2 tests going on wtf.


Frankly, I don't know how am I gonna sit for my finals. Its like whether I go or I don't go, the marks will still be the same. Geddit? It is really that bad and I am so super jealous of those who made it out through Diploma life. Yes, I'm only talking bout Diploma not even Degree yet! Can imagine the amount of shits I needa go through in the future? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOT.

Its taking up all my time in the world. Feels so restless the minute I step into the house. So much for wanting to do good in college since I pretty much screw up in highschool. No wait, I'm not exactly sucha bad student as I may sound lol. I am just.... ranting away again -_-

Fuck college ;(
And seriously, I give up trying to know if someone doesn't like me or not. Its not that I can do anything so yupppp, its your problem.

Loves, V.

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