15 June 2010


Okay someone seriously needs to shoot Streamyx on the head and tell them how bad the lines are! My DSL light couldn't stop blinking the whole of last night and I could only rely on DiGi for the free access to Facebook. Not that it actually helps because I forgot that I had to upload my Video on the DMC group. FML x100!!

I am so stressed up with all the tests, presentations and assignments coming up! For once in my life I can barely feel that I am actually breathing okay. I need a fucking break from all these shits before I get back on track. For now, I actually find it really fucking ridiculous to be sitting for my MPW and COM1116 paper. Frankly speaking, I do not have any idea what I had been learning for the past 3 months. On top of that, finals are just around the corner. *shakes head* I really don't know what to do!! ;(( *cries in pain* wtf.

One of those random days when Fats decided to come over to KK for yumcha session with Peiwuon and I. This is so rare and we came up with an idea of going out for movies the next day. He came to pick us up too! How is this not the rarest thing of all wtf?!

Billion dollar smile. :$

Eyy? Where's your neck?! HAHAHAHAHA.

Thank you thank you! Do you need one of my autographs? HAHAHA.

Catched a movie together before rushing back home to Peiwuon's to have an awesome dinner! Yes, the price I paid after stuffing myself with shit lots of food wtf. Fats even warned me about it hahaha but I seriously can't help it! It was so so good! I ate 1 1/2 bowl of rice okay omgomg. That is actually more than what I usually eat at home. I'm not a big fan of rice but when Vivian meets anything spicy/sour, I am so ready to get fat hahahaha!

We watched Killers!

Rating: 9/10.

Super shweeeet movie! I love Katherine Heigl so so so so much especially after The Ugly Truth. I didn't expect Ashton Kutcher to have sucha hot body yknow. Especially when there was this scene where he was half naked and his back was facing us. OMG-TO-DIE-FOR! The shape and everything was just too good to die for. Reckon!

Got back home just right in time for dinner. Kodak moments!

Uncle Fat.


I wonder what is this Lim Si Ching.


Loves, V.

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