24 June 2010

Hada Labo ["Perfect x Simple"]

VERY BIMBO POST AHEAD! You have been warned.

I hate dry skin as much as I hate snakes, injections and vegetables. How can anyone live with a dry skin for god's sakes? It annoys me like mad and this always leads to a grumpy Vivian!

Okay I have this weird skin. I peel like crazy monthly when my period decides to visit me. Don't ask me why but yessss it peels at least 3 days before or after. Good thing is I would be able to find out when it is coming, but the bad part of it is that the dry skin seriously irritates the living shit outta me! I can't tolerate myself when I see my skin peeling wtf. But even when I'm not having the bitch days, my skin still feels very dry.

This is when Hada Labo saves the day!

L - Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash. R - Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash

My opinion: This baby here is fragrance, mineral, oil, alcohol and colorant free. I don't mind having facial washes that contains fragrance in it; it doesn't really bothers me. Before using Hada Labo facial wash, I was using Garnier. You can really tell the difference. Garnier was a little tad too dry for my skin, whereas the Hada Labo leaves my skin in a perfect moist condition everytime after cleansing my face! I've been using it since Feb 2010 and yesterday, I had just restocked my purchase!

This is abit too much though but it depends on every individual.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion

My opinion: This is also fragrance, mineral, oil, alcohol and colorant free. I was first introduced to this a year or two back when Smellyn just came back from Japan after visiting her siblings there. She brought home this bottle of toner and she convinced me to try using them for once. I did, but it was only for a night so I couldn't really tell the results. This is one of Japan's top selling and it solds off at every 4 seconds according to research!

When I first decided to try this toner out, it was after seeing it on the famous Taiwan tv programme, Ladies First. I was very convinced after watching it and was very desperate to try it out. But before anything, I did my homework of course! I seeked for Mr. Google and search as much reviews of this bottle of toner as possible and most of the reviews are really positive. x2 convinced than before so I decided to buy it myself even when Mummylove didn't wanto sponsor wtf.

It was on a 10% discount when I bought it and this bottle of toner can last you for a very long period of time. I bought it together with my facial wash but I'm only at half of the bottle now. You only need very little amount for it.

This is more than enuff for a whole face! A size of 20sen is more than enough. Don't be greedy!

Its really funny how this thing works because when you pour it out, its in liquid form. As you gently spread it all over your face and starts patting it into your skin, it changes from liquid to a sticky form. You have to continuously pat it into your skin until it get completely dried up and then you're done!

Which, is also the con for this product. I really hate waiting for it to dry because it takes up a long time. I get very tired of patting it so I usually apply my skincares before going to bed which is when the aircond is on hohohoho. I would then pat my face under the air cond. I think it still works the same though, my face still felt moisturize and smooth!

So if you have your SK-II miracle water, I have my Hada Labo miracle water too!

I was viewing through Tongue Chic was more than happy to see new products coming from Hada Labo in July 2010! I can't wait to try out their Hada Labo SHA Lip Moisturizer!

By the way, Hada Labo is available at Guardian pharmacies. So go get one of yours today!

Please read at your own risk. Every information and comments given are based on my personal opinion. I am not affiliated with any companis. Reviews are given with my honesty! I purchased it with my own moos!

Loves, V.

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