24 June 2010

Hada Labo ["Perfect x Simple"]

VERY BIMBO POST AHEAD! You have been warned.

I hate dry skin as much as I hate snakes, injections and vegetables. How can anyone live with a dry skin for god's sakes? It annoys me like mad and this always leads to a grumpy Vivian!

Okay I have this weird skin. I peel like crazy monthly when my period decides to visit me. Don't ask me why but yessss it peels at least 3 days before or after. Good thing is I would be able to find out when it is coming, but the bad part of it is that the dry skin seriously irritates the living shit outta me! I can't tolerate myself when I see my skin peeling wtf. But even when I'm not having the bitch days, my skin still feels very dry.

This is when Hada Labo saves the day!

L - Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash. R - Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash

My opinion: This baby here is fragrance, mineral, oil, alcohol and colorant free. I don't mind having facial washes that contains fragrance in it; it doesn't really bothers me. Before using Hada Labo facial wash, I was using Garnier. You can really tell the difference. Garnier was a little tad too dry for my skin, whereas the Hada Labo leaves my skin in a perfect moist condition everytime after cleansing my face! I've been using it since Feb 2010 and yesterday, I had just restocked my purchase!

This is abit too much though but it depends on every individual.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion

My opinion: This is also fragrance, mineral, oil, alcohol and colorant free. I was first introduced to this a year or two back when Smellyn just came back from Japan after visiting her siblings there. She brought home this bottle of toner and she convinced me to try using them for once. I did, but it was only for a night so I couldn't really tell the results. This is one of Japan's top selling and it solds off at every 4 seconds according to research!

When I first decided to try this toner out, it was after seeing it on the famous Taiwan tv programme, Ladies First. I was very convinced after watching it and was very desperate to try it out. But before anything, I did my homework of course! I seeked for Mr. Google and search as much reviews of this bottle of toner as possible and most of the reviews are really positive. x2 convinced than before so I decided to buy it myself even when Mummylove didn't wanto sponsor wtf.

It was on a 10% discount when I bought it and this bottle of toner can last you for a very long period of time. I bought it together with my facial wash but I'm only at half of the bottle now. You only need very little amount for it.

This is more than enuff for a whole face! A size of 20sen is more than enough. Don't be greedy!

Its really funny how this thing works because when you pour it out, its in liquid form. As you gently spread it all over your face and starts patting it into your skin, it changes from liquid to a sticky form. You have to continuously pat it into your skin until it get completely dried up and then you're done!

Which, is also the con for this product. I really hate waiting for it to dry because it takes up a long time. I get very tired of patting it so I usually apply my skincares before going to bed which is when the aircond is on hohohoho. I would then pat my face under the air cond. I think it still works the same though, my face still felt moisturize and smooth!

So if you have your SK-II miracle water, I have my Hada Labo miracle water too!

I was viewing through Tongue Chic was more than happy to see new products coming from Hada Labo in July 2010! I can't wait to try out their Hada Labo SHA Lip Moisturizer!

By the way, Hada Labo is available at Guardian pharmacies. So go get one of yours today!

Please read at your own risk. Every information and comments given are based on my personal opinion. I am not affiliated with any companis. Reviews are given with my honesty! I purchased it with my own moos!

Loves, V.

22 June 2010

If this is love.

Bzzz, I'm glad that you are standing strong right now. Before seeing you, I was worried as hell about you more than anything but after seeing you, I felt a big relief! I'm sorry that I couldn't be around with you all the time -- it still feels very Oz and M'sia right now. Promise when I'm finally done with all my assignments, presentations, tests and upcoming finals I would make it all up to you baby. ;) For any help, please dial my hotline. 24/7 on call just for you alright!

I can't wait to graduate from everything. These assignments are seriously killing me and it comes never ending! One after another? Are you kidding me? Oh now, what am I? Ironwoman ah? Why is it so difficult to earn coursework marks huh! And the amount of tests.. in one week there's like 2 tests going on wtf.


Frankly, I don't know how am I gonna sit for my finals. Its like whether I go or I don't go, the marks will still be the same. Geddit? It is really that bad and I am so super jealous of those who made it out through Diploma life. Yes, I'm only talking bout Diploma not even Degree yet! Can imagine the amount of shits I needa go through in the future? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOT.

Its taking up all my time in the world. Feels so restless the minute I step into the house. So much for wanting to do good in college since I pretty much screw up in highschool. No wait, I'm not exactly sucha bad student as I may sound lol. I am just.... ranting away again -_-

Fuck college ;(
And seriously, I give up trying to know if someone doesn't like me or not. Its not that I can do anything so yupppp, its your problem.

Loves, V.

18 June 2010

Aunty, you'll always be in my heart.

I kenot believe what I just heard.

R.I.P Aunty.. I don't even know what to say anymore.

17 June 2010

"And you? What's your excuse?"

I could still recall the look on her face when she called my name. It was the last expression I want to see from her. The last thing I want to hear her ask. I was feeling guilty already when she started scolding all of us but the feeling was worse when she specifically called my name and said, "I'm surprised. Very disappointing marks from you, I expected it to be better!"

I can hear it for a hundred times and still cry at it. I don't like having to make people feel disappointed in me. Of course its worse when you hear it from someone you respect or love. The feeling is horrendous. I know I screwed up really badly this time round. I am unhappy, sad, depressed and sorry. I couldn't face her at all. I felt very shameful yknow.

I am not someone who expects myself to score flying colors in my studies. Really, if you know me well, you know how a simple pass can start the smile on my face. I give up at things even more easily anyone could possibly imagine. Although I didn't expect myself to score well in my Social Psy test2 this time but having to hear your favourite lecturer telling you right at the face that she's very disappointed in you, is not nice at all you know.

Don't get me wrong, I don't blame her at all. Never I would in any way either. I am disappointed in myself okay? I am disappointed that I disappointed my lecturer. Tears were literally dancing in my eyes but the ego in me hold onto it real tight. Each time I recall, my tears would just gush out like a bunch of women waiting outside a store for their private sales.

I blame the PMS.

Loves, V.

15 June 2010


Okay someone seriously needs to shoot Streamyx on the head and tell them how bad the lines are! My DSL light couldn't stop blinking the whole of last night and I could only rely on DiGi for the free access to Facebook. Not that it actually helps because I forgot that I had to upload my Video on the DMC group. FML x100!!

I am so stressed up with all the tests, presentations and assignments coming up! For once in my life I can barely feel that I am actually breathing okay. I need a fucking break from all these shits before I get back on track. For now, I actually find it really fucking ridiculous to be sitting for my MPW and COM1116 paper. Frankly speaking, I do not have any idea what I had been learning for the past 3 months. On top of that, finals are just around the corner. *shakes head* I really don't know what to do!! ;(( *cries in pain* wtf.

One of those random days when Fats decided to come over to KK for yumcha session with Peiwuon and I. This is so rare and we came up with an idea of going out for movies the next day. He came to pick us up too! How is this not the rarest thing of all wtf?!

Billion dollar smile. :$

Eyy? Where's your neck?! HAHAHAHAHA.

Thank you thank you! Do you need one of my autographs? HAHAHA.

Catched a movie together before rushing back home to Peiwuon's to have an awesome dinner! Yes, the price I paid after stuffing myself with shit lots of food wtf. Fats even warned me about it hahaha but I seriously can't help it! It was so so good! I ate 1 1/2 bowl of rice okay omgomg. That is actually more than what I usually eat at home. I'm not a big fan of rice but when Vivian meets anything spicy/sour, I am so ready to get fat hahahaha!

We watched Killers!

Rating: 9/10.

Super shweeeet movie! I love Katherine Heigl so so so so much especially after The Ugly Truth. I didn't expect Ashton Kutcher to have sucha hot body yknow. Especially when there was this scene where he was half naked and his back was facing us. OMG-TO-DIE-FOR! The shape and everything was just too good to die for. Reckon!

Got back home just right in time for dinner. Kodak moments!

Uncle Fat.


I wonder what is this Lim Si Ching.


Loves, V.

12 June 2010

So, why don't you stay?

The month of June is just another stupid month to go through. I'm afraid.. I.. I have to start hating June. Seriously! Do yknow how much work is there to be done? Someone needs to put a full stop to everything. My assignments are very much never ending. Continuously one after another and on top of that, my assignment due dates are very close to my tests. I only have very little time to procrastinate okayy :(

And really, you have to believe me when I say college puts you on a crazily stressful mode. I'm pretty sure everyone would agree so. If any monkey would tell me that Mass Comm is very stress free and because I'm not a business/science student, I have less stress to go through. Are you fucking kidding me?? The stress is more or less equivalent my friend.

I have been sulking over my lost folder! A folder.. filled with pictures of everything and videos recorded are now officially gone for good. So half of my memories of 2010 is gone because I don't know how the folder was permanently deleted. I tried various software and programs to retrieve my folders back but most of my photos are overwritten by stupid temporary internet files so.. their gone. GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE. Out of 14k pictures scanned, I only managed to get back less than 20 photos.

There's nothing I could do. I did a back up on my folders last Decemeber wtf. So yup, their all gone now. You see how much I hate June now?

Loves, V.

02 June 2010

Khalil Fong Timeless Concert @ Genting, Arena of Stars

To be clear, I'm not a very big fan of him but absolutely loving all his songs. I actually risk myself from vomitting just to see him up up high at god knows how high it is. Do you know how much I hate the roads up to Genting?? The hatred is so strong that its sufficient to make me puke half a cup of javachip. It did not just happened once or twice but many times wtf. I feel so bad for my cup of drink okay!

Anyway, went through alot of hassle to get the tickets. I was in the midst of getting angry, pissed and wanted to just fuck my friend up. So who is the awesome person behind who got me the tickets and sold it off at half a price? Suetlove ♥ I know right, I sound so damn hypocrite now wtf but I really couldn't do or say much especially when I'm very pissed okay. Deeepeest and sorriest sorry from the bottom of my heart!

Peiwuon got us a ride up together with Gnes. Stayed over at Peiwuon's the night before and went up in the afternoon. Settled down at KFC for lunchinner (lunch x dinner) wtf and was super disappointed with the chicken they gave. Played around at the arcade to kill time and off we went to Arena of Stars!

I kept saying that I wanto dress up like a bird wtf just so Khalil Fong could spot me even from far but I realize my bestfriend here dresses more like a bird than me =P

Gnes and his never ending messages with BzzBee.

Hi, my name is Balloon Tan wtf wtf wtf.

The view from my seat!

Love and I.

Why you so cute wan?

And then the end of kodak moments FML.

(............) I blame myself okay wtf because of my procrastination! I wanted to charge my camera battery 2 days before but decided I would just do it a day before but who knew I would ended up at Peiwuon's house with my half dead battery life! Ughhhhhh but its okay I guess? I doubt I'll be able to take any pictures. Khalil looks like an ant from the camera. Oh and Gnes was not allowed to bring his DSLR in which we were all very unhappy about.

All in all, the concert was really enjoyable. Okay la, I admit I did hesitated whether to marry Khalil or WillPan at one point wtf but I figured I have too many sublovers waiting for me hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Peiwuon was so silly to say that she did not enjoy the concert much because he was too talented HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA wtf wtf wtf wtf!!


My pretty face to keep this blog alive.

I kenot be more thankful to be having shit lots of assignments coming one by one and I sense like !~%$&$%& of presentations coming now. I have one due tomorrow okay! I iz need a chill pill and chillax okay wtf. I kenot wait for sem break at all! God, gimme a life now plez! Oh and, following me on twitter would make things easier because I am a worm.

A lazy worm who would not be able to update her blog as often as before. Do you mind? www.twitter.com/ohmyvivian

Loves, V.