02 May 2010

Tears of Jupiter


How things are back to square one now. I no longer needa stress my head to know what's on your mind boy. I'm happy and so you are. Maybe things were never meant to be. I miss you though. I miss your laughter and your scent. I know, we're better off ourselves. I've been happy but it feels lonely.

I've been loaded with assignments which I do not know how to do at all. But because I have awesome coursemates, they helped me out alot. Never expect Mass Comm to be this stressful. Sigh, I guess every courses are the same. Different kind of stress level perhaps? I'm done with one and there's two more to go. College break is next week but tests are the week after. Pathetic much?

Been spending money like crazy with no limitations. I forgot to set one for myself wtf. I'm in need of cashs now! Gotta dig up and spend a little on gadget. I fucking need a smartphone!

Just because I studied in Sri KL, it doesn't actually means that I'm from a wealthy family. Please, drop that mindset would you? Fucking annoying.

I have very low patience level.

Loves, V.

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