24 May 2010

Na na na na na

I don't know what's with me. I have been the total opposite of myself. I lose my temper so so so so easily recently even the most minor things in this world can bring such a strong impact to me and I would start screaming at anyone. I'm thankful because I have really awesome friends that would stand by me, correct me and accepting me for who I am. I am aware that not everyone likes everyone. I do not want to please anyone either and that's the reason why I've been this straight forward all my life.

I tried all I could to stop myself from any drama. I don't wanna be dealing all these anymore in this age. I have to admit that I am abit too old for any dramas and I want to keep my record clean - RECORD FREE. But you know how some people just have to come into your life, fuck around with yours and fucking just create a scene?

I can barely tolerate anyone especially guys. Maybe because I expect them to be giving in more compared to girls. I'm not being sexist; I just have higher expectations on guys compared to the others okay wtf. Its funny how most of the girls only have issues with the same sex but me? The total opposite. I seeked for advice whether to confront or to just zip my mouth and live with it. I maybe in fault too because I haven't been at my nicest to anyone.

I have to know that I'm not the only one who PMS. People go through emotions and stress just like I do. Still, I expect them to tolerate with me instead. It wouldn't be nice if I were to correct someone but at the end of the conversation, I was corrected for my mistakes too wtf. I don't like it that wayyyy. Maybe I should just keep my big mouth zipped for good.

.... or fuck with their life just like how they did to mine. :)

Loves, V.

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