10 May 2010

I miss you but you miss her

I'm furious! More than just the stupid face up there. Shouldn't my holiday supposed to be happy and stress free? No, I'm so naive to believe that wtf because my one week of holiday is nothing but full with 2 assignments and a stupid test. A test is alright but because its Malaysian Studies so I'm allowed to be pissed and mad!

And my life kenot be any worse. Mummylove's at Hokkaido, probably munching on her utmost unfavourite food in the whole wide world, japanese raw food hahahahaha! And what about her daughter? Waking up to a hungry tummy with nothing to eat at home. Ugh but thank god, anything chili is my favourite. I can has homemade chili sauce with white rice and call it a meal. I'm only picky when I see pork's fats. :)

I'm now trying really hard to not spend this week. Indirectly means staying at home for a week. Yes, I'm sure I can do it. A week without pool isn't that bad right. Oh yes, its supposed to be diet week too! But I'm not too sure how am I supposed to do it since the classmates are planning on a one day trip down to Malacca this Thursday! *keeping fingers crossed wtf. Holiday plans never seemed to work since Form 4. So suay please!

On a related note, I'm still procrastinating despite complaining hehe.

Loves, V.

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