24 May 2010

Na na na na na

I don't know what's with me. I have been the total opposite of myself. I lose my temper so so so so easily recently even the most minor things in this world can bring such a strong impact to me and I would start screaming at anyone. I'm thankful because I have really awesome friends that would stand by me, correct me and accepting me for who I am. I am aware that not everyone likes everyone. I do not want to please anyone either and that's the reason why I've been this straight forward all my life.

I tried all I could to stop myself from any drama. I don't wanna be dealing all these anymore in this age. I have to admit that I am abit too old for any dramas and I want to keep my record clean - RECORD FREE. But you know how some people just have to come into your life, fuck around with yours and fucking just create a scene?

I can barely tolerate anyone especially guys. Maybe because I expect them to be giving in more compared to girls. I'm not being sexist; I just have higher expectations on guys compared to the others okay wtf. Its funny how most of the girls only have issues with the same sex but me? The total opposite. I seeked for advice whether to confront or to just zip my mouth and live with it. I maybe in fault too because I haven't been at my nicest to anyone.

I have to know that I'm not the only one who PMS. People go through emotions and stress just like I do. Still, I expect them to tolerate with me instead. It wouldn't be nice if I were to correct someone but at the end of the conversation, I was corrected for my mistakes too wtf. I don't like it that wayyyy. Maybe I should just keep my big mouth zipped for good.

.... or fuck with their life just like how they did to mine. :)

Loves, V.

17 May 2010

OneDayRoadTrip 13/5/2010

Had always been wanting to go on a road trip with my friends and finally plan succeed! I mean it is a little unusual when plan works especially after all these years of planning to go somewhere, somehow plan never fails to fail on anyone of us. Are we jynx wtf? Had a little problemo but everything was solved and yupp, Malacca it is. :)

Thank god we didn't overnight there because I cannot possibly think of anything to do in Malacca. I love the journey to and fro especially when awesome songs are played and you get to sing along hehe.

Benjamin, Ryan, Adrian and Zico the calmest driver LOL

... becos i'm prettier liddat HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *sayangs Maycih

If you missed chicken rice balls in Malacca, you cannot tell anyone that you've been to Malacca! Chicken rice balls are super famous there and it was my first time eating them *shy. But it wasn't as good as everyone raved about. I had 3 of em and I got very stuffed.

I supposed this is a mini whole chicken.

And when you're in Malacca, you obviously had to try everything there. So its all about food! Sadly, satay celup only opens around 5pm or so. We couldn't wait ;(




Eddy, the driver of the day.





Dropped by to take pictures of a few historical places for our Malaysian Studies assignment. Yup, thats the whole point of organizing this trip actually.

(c) Vivianography WTF

Ben of the Liberty!

Jump shot failed #1

Jump shot failed #2

Jump shot failed #3

Jump shot failed #4

Stopped by Port Dickson beach in the evening.

Pictures LIES. Its only beautiful liddat! Wait until you see the water omg.

You see how cute I look or not!!! HAHAHHAAHHA

My super emo shot and I love it.

Love this!

Short of Hanen :(

Monkey Ben trying to do his experise.

Zico is so awesomly kind and calm LOL

Vainian. (Vain + Ian)

I havent really figured out how to take photos with supaaa tall peoples :(


Sometimes I have to salute Ben for being so patient and calm with me especially during my PMS days hahaha. He never failed to listen to me rant and rant about the same person of the same shit. Thankkkiuuu!

Ian, Maycih, Ryan


Steamboat @ Sunway Mentari for dinner.

I'm out!

Loves, V.

10 May 2010

I miss you but you miss her

I'm furious! More than just the stupid face up there. Shouldn't my holiday supposed to be happy and stress free? No, I'm so naive to believe that wtf because my one week of holiday is nothing but full with 2 assignments and a stupid test. A test is alright but because its Malaysian Studies so I'm allowed to be pissed and mad!

And my life kenot be any worse. Mummylove's at Hokkaido, probably munching on her utmost unfavourite food in the whole wide world, japanese raw food hahahahaha! And what about her daughter? Waking up to a hungry tummy with nothing to eat at home. Ugh but thank god, anything chili is my favourite. I can has homemade chili sauce with white rice and call it a meal. I'm only picky when I see pork's fats. :)

I'm now trying really hard to not spend this week. Indirectly means staying at home for a week. Yes, I'm sure I can do it. A week without pool isn't that bad right. Oh yes, its supposed to be diet week too! But I'm not too sure how am I supposed to do it since the classmates are planning on a one day trip down to Malacca this Thursday! *keeping fingers crossed wtf. Holiday plans never seemed to work since Form 4. So suay please!

On a related note, I'm still procrastinating despite complaining hehe.

Loves, V.

08 May 2010

You're all I see

I'm officially on a one week break! Sigh, everyone seems to be so jealous when I told them bout it. Life's been like a rollercoaster ride. So full of emotions lately that I could have just slap anyone I see. I'm losing control over my temper and I throw my tantrum at anyone. I'm not sexist though. Both guys and girls hahahaha.

But I'm back on track now. Chilling like ever. I can finally smell one week of break and freedom! You smell me yet?

Loves, V.

02 May 2010

Tears of Jupiter


How things are back to square one now. I no longer needa stress my head to know what's on your mind boy. I'm happy and so you are. Maybe things were never meant to be. I miss you though. I miss your laughter and your scent. I know, we're better off ourselves. I've been happy but it feels lonely.

I've been loaded with assignments which I do not know how to do at all. But because I have awesome coursemates, they helped me out alot. Never expect Mass Comm to be this stressful. Sigh, I guess every courses are the same. Different kind of stress level perhaps? I'm done with one and there's two more to go. College break is next week but tests are the week after. Pathetic much?

Been spending money like crazy with no limitations. I forgot to set one for myself wtf. I'm in need of cashs now! Gotta dig up and spend a little on gadget. I fucking need a smartphone!

Just because I studied in Sri KL, it doesn't actually means that I'm from a wealthy family. Please, drop that mindset would you? Fucking annoying.

I have very low patience level.

Loves, V.