22 April 2010

Mist 10/4/010 ♥    


I am thaaaaaaat lazehh. But its always better later than never ;)

What should I say? One of a night that I would never forget. A night where marks the changes in everything that was once so shweeeet and happy. But anyway, life still goes on. Gotta learn to suck it up and accept the fact.

Anyway, it was Peiwuon's ever first night! Gosh, the priceless face on everyone's face when they knew Peiwuon was going. I SWEAR IT WAS DAMN PRICELESS ESPECIALLY WHEN WE BUMPED INTO FAMILIAR FACES IN MIST LOL! I'm guessing everyone had quite a good time? Though I was pretty fucked up that night but I was all good later then. mhmm :)

BalloonVivi and Peiwuon.

I don't know wtf is wrong with me hahaha! That's Eva btw.

Sorry I'm not a good drinker.

Elaine and Peiwuon.

Ian Chow Kuoyuan! I swear it was damn weird to club with your collegemate haha.

Lee Shenkhai! who was there for... me obviously HAHAHHA!

Jasper Khoo.

Excuse my blur face wtf. Leo!

Beloved dai dai lou. Priceless face! =P

I'm so sorry if you felt left out that night, Ian. Two darlings.

mhmm. Why so serious?

Peiwuon and Venice who coincidentally was there too!

Ex aiya lougong!

Super hot photo of him hahahahahahaha!

Sorry Bee but this photo of Fats is super priceless!!

Peiwuon and Jinyang.

Yes, why hello Jinyang :)

Leo, Shenkhai and Peiwuon. Team Klang!


Kok Enterprise LOL!

Instead of going home after a long and tiring Friday night. We stayed up till 6am for bak kut teh all the way at klang and only headed back home at around 7am? Got back to Peiwuon's. Settled down and only slept at 9am.

I kid you not. 9FUCKINGAM. A new record was born.

Not something I love haha.

Check those zombehh faces out hahaha!

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Loves, V.

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It's This Girl. said...

alahh.. we ate at 7.30 in the morning la babe. we slept in the car for an hour

Vivian Tan said...