25 April 2010

Like there's no tomorrow

And when I thought everything was coming to an end, you decided to knock on my door again. I'm happy but confused. I cannot take the sudden cold and warmth. Everything I do, somehow reminds me of you. Why do you run across my mind so often? *lets out super big sigh*

I've been super hardworking! Updating my blog, doing my social psy notes and cleaning stupid junk folders from the computer. I'm super impressed with myself teeheee. Have been going out weekly too. Thus, the bleeding purse. I have a reason to be out! Yes, there's only ONE reason wtf. Its just that I don't tell but you should've guess it out already.

Catched a movie with Xingrou and Mas on Friday. I love love love love love love Date Night! And if you haven't watch it, you better get your ass to the cinema now.

Rating: 10/10!

Spot my cheeky cute friend! =O

Okay not very shocked nor surprise. No cooperation at all!

Much more like it! :D

Thank you for helping me out, doing research for my assignment! LAV LAV LAV YOUU!

Cock-eyed Mas hahahahahaha.

Xingrou: "I'mma eat you up!"

Xingrou: "Noooooo you're way too scary to be eaten."

She's my secret admirer hehehehehehe.

Traffic light shot.

"Boy, you're so fine I want you mine you're so delicious.."

Loves, V.

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