03 April 2010

I think I'm falling for you

I don't know but, I think I maybe,
falling for you, dropping so quickly. Maybe I should,
keep this to myself. Wait until I, know you better.

I've been spending all my time, just thinking about you,
I don't know what to do, I think I'm falling for you.

Oh I just can't take it. My heart is racing.
Emotions keep spinning out.

I am trying not to tell you, but I want to.
I'm scared of what you'll say, so I'm hiding,
what I'm feeling. But I'm tired of holding this in inside my head.

Loves, V.

3 bombs thrown:

Anonymous said...

why you scare about? just go ahead and tell him. just makes you more suffer.

Vivian Tan said...

thankiu for yr comment! :)

but things are not as complicated as it is.. no worries!


Anonymous said...

you re welcome. you can handle it well right. that`s good. (=