20 April 2010

Here comes another shit

Did I just broke my own record or what?!

So err.. I'm not sure if hi is a right word to start off with but anyway, hi! :) Life have not been awesome. I've been so stressed up with almost everythinggg. I've been making good use of the brain and thank god it's working after like what? x years since I've last think this much.

Been very much caught up with Bee when she was back but now that she's gone, life has been very dull and hectic *sniffs. Mummylove have been an angel lately. She didn't sound me yet! Everyday I'm out either doing assignment or out with friends. I believe this is not freedom wtf because there's obviously a price to pay. I've yet to find out brr ;/

On an unrelated note, I still feel numb. I do understand what's going on and to tell you the truth, I'm more than ready to hear anything from you -- whether the good or the bad. Its never wrong to be honest and believe me, I would be very thankful if you choose to be truthful! I will never and will not pressure you with anything ever again even if PMS kicks in and I get all moody!

I don't want to be screwing things up again.

Loves, V.

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