25 April 2010

Like there's no tomorrow

And when I thought everything was coming to an end, you decided to knock on my door again. I'm happy but confused. I cannot take the sudden cold and warmth. Everything I do, somehow reminds me of you. Why do you run across my mind so often? *lets out super big sigh*

I've been super hardworking! Updating my blog, doing my social psy notes and cleaning stupid junk folders from the computer. I'm super impressed with myself teeheee. Have been going out weekly too. Thus, the bleeding purse. I have a reason to be out! Yes, there's only ONE reason wtf. Its just that I don't tell but you should've guess it out already.

Catched a movie with Xingrou and Mas on Friday. I love love love love love love Date Night! And if you haven't watch it, you better get your ass to the cinema now.

Rating: 10/10!

Spot my cheeky cute friend! =O

Okay not very shocked nor surprise. No cooperation at all!

Much more like it! :D

Thank you for helping me out, doing research for my assignment! LAV LAV LAV YOUU!

Cock-eyed Mas hahahahahaha.

Xingrou: "I'mma eat you up!"

Xingrou: "Noooooo you're way too scary to be eaten."

She's my secret admirer hehehehehehe.

Traffic light shot.

"Boy, you're so fine I want you mine you're so delicious.."

Loves, V.

22 April 2010

Mist 10/4/010 ♥    


I am thaaaaaaat lazehh. But its always better later than never ;)

What should I say? One of a night that I would never forget. A night where marks the changes in everything that was once so shweeeet and happy. But anyway, life still goes on. Gotta learn to suck it up and accept the fact.

Anyway, it was Peiwuon's ever first night! Gosh, the priceless face on everyone's face when they knew Peiwuon was going. I SWEAR IT WAS DAMN PRICELESS ESPECIALLY WHEN WE BUMPED INTO FAMILIAR FACES IN MIST LOL! I'm guessing everyone had quite a good time? Though I was pretty fucked up that night but I was all good later then. mhmm :)

BalloonVivi and Peiwuon.

I don't know wtf is wrong with me hahaha! That's Eva btw.

Sorry I'm not a good drinker.

Elaine and Peiwuon.

Ian Chow Kuoyuan! I swear it was damn weird to club with your collegemate haha.

Lee Shenkhai! who was there for... me obviously HAHAHHA!

Jasper Khoo.

Excuse my blur face wtf. Leo!

Beloved dai dai lou. Priceless face! =P

I'm so sorry if you felt left out that night, Ian. Two darlings.

mhmm. Why so serious?

Peiwuon and Venice who coincidentally was there too!

Ex aiya lougong!

Super hot photo of him hahahahahahaha!

Sorry Bee but this photo of Fats is super priceless!!

Peiwuon and Jinyang.

Yes, why hello Jinyang :)

Leo, Shenkhai and Peiwuon. Team Klang!


Kok Enterprise LOL!

Instead of going home after a long and tiring Friday night. We stayed up till 6am for bak kut teh all the way at klang and only headed back home at around 7am? Got back to Peiwuon's. Settled down and only slept at 9am.

I kid you not. 9FUCKINGAM. A new record was born.

Not something I love haha.

Check those zombehh faces out hahaha!

For more pictures, check my Facebook out!

Loves, V.

21 April 2010

I'm good, I'm gone

IF I had a choice, I would choose to stay away from you.

IF I knew things would up like that, I wish we never met.

I don't like how all this minor shit had turned me into another person. I don't like how you're talking to me right now. I don't like how I have to control myself just so I would make you feel better and make myself feeling like shit. I don't like how you come up with all sorts of excuses. I don't like how I'm blinded by you even if I knew you were a lie. I don't like how you're dragging everything.

It was never meant to be. Every time I tried to forget about everything, you choose to appear again. I don't know what you want. I don't know what the fuck you're doing either.

Honestly, I'm starting to have doubts.

I doubt you,
I doubt your texts,
I doubt your phone calls,
I doubt your excuses,
I doubt your words.

You don't know how stupid it is, having to come up with my own excuses, to make myself feel better, just because of you.

who can I blame?


20 April 2010

Here comes another shit

Did I just broke my own record or what?!

So err.. I'm not sure if hi is a right word to start off with but anyway, hi! :) Life have not been awesome. I've been so stressed up with almost everythinggg. I've been making good use of the brain and thank god it's working after like what? x years since I've last think this much.

Been very much caught up with Bee when she was back but now that she's gone, life has been very dull and hectic *sniffs. Mummylove have been an angel lately. She didn't sound me yet! Everyday I'm out either doing assignment or out with friends. I believe this is not freedom wtf because there's obviously a price to pay. I've yet to find out brr ;/

On an unrelated note, I still feel numb. I do understand what's going on and to tell you the truth, I'm more than ready to hear anything from you -- whether the good or the bad. Its never wrong to be honest and believe me, I would be very thankful if you choose to be truthful! I will never and will not pressure you with anything ever again even if PMS kicks in and I get all moody!

I don't want to be screwing things up again.

Loves, V.

06 April 2010

If we ever meet again

Its really not me who doesn't wanna update my miserable blog but its college! Although my timetable is quite flexi compared to the others, I don't even have time to do my own shits anymore! I just happened to cleared all 4 photo albums last week and hopefully there's no more to come lol.

The first few weeks of college is undeniably fun and exciting. Everyday I wake up, looking forward to go to college just to meet the awesome coursemates I have. When the 2nd week came, I want to just go back to highschool. Its not that I'm bored of them, but everything is so tiring already! The college hours and the amount of steps we need to walk everyday, is intolerable. :(

I've been going through some serious moodswings everyday. Sigh, don't ask me why. I can't seem to deal with it and I tend to just fuck anyone up. I feel very bad you know. What more their just my new friends and yet they need to deal with my temper already. I really didn't mean to throw my tantrum at them but sometimes things can get outta control very easily. I wish they know me as long as the Omega monkeys does! ;(

Nah, don't worry. College isn't scary.


Adrian Leong Kok Wah wah wah wah wah.

Ian Chow Kuoyuan. Owh, meet my new darling! HAHAHAHA. & his by far, the vainest guy I've ever known. :P

Ian, Zico, Hanen, Linyng.

Ida, Linyng, Hanen.

Loves, V.

05 April 2010

You're all I ever wanted.

When I give my heart, I give it all.

When I say I love you, I really do.

Loves, V.

03 April 2010

I think I'm falling for you

I don't know but, I think I maybe,
falling for you, dropping so quickly. Maybe I should,
keep this to myself. Wait until I, know you better.

I've been spending all my time, just thinking about you,
I don't know what to do, I think I'm falling for you.

Oh I just can't take it. My heart is racing.
Emotions keep spinning out.

I am trying not to tell you, but I want to.
I'm scared of what you'll say, so I'm hiding,
what I'm feeling. But I'm tired of holding this in inside my head.

Loves, V.