07 March 2010

Tale as old as time.

I cannot be any lazier than this. Sometimes I'm so impressed with myself. Yupyup, hello 501th! It makes me wonder what have I been typing in the past 500 posts?

I have the most neutral news for myself! College is starting on the 22nd this month and I am super panic! Inti never has March intake for Mass Communication before. It was in May previously so I thought I had a month plus to slack my ass off but one of e random days, I surfed through the Inti website again and was in the most shocked state ever.

But everything's settled now. Just for your information, SPM results is coming out on the 11th March 2010. Yay, I just have to rub it in. I don't understand what I'm feeling now either -- like a rollercoaster ride. I'm not ready but I'm not very worried either.

Just a little random photos.

Mas @ Sushi King, Subang Parade

Evathenthenthenthen @ Full House, Sunway Pyramid

How often do you guys get to see me without make up?

Loves, V.

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