12 March 2010

SPM Results Day & After Party.

YUP, I collected my results and I shan't let you know wahahahaha. A little disappointment but it was all good! The hard works really did paid off, not well but it was alright. The unexpected ones were really far from my expectation but whereas the expected ones were a little beyond my expectation wtf. I think it all works this way eyy.

Sri KL all over again. Having to see all teachers and students. It never felt this good I swear! Oh and just in case you were wondering, I did not have one bit of nervous the night before my results. I just.. didn't know how and what to feel I guess. Until the minute I stepped into school, I still did not felt nervous. Well, not until we were standing in front of the table, trying to convince our friends to go first hahaha. Very nerve wrecking okay!

Nope this is not how I looked like when I'm nervous LOL. We were waiting for Peiwuon okay!

Got over to Inti to register myself and I'll enroll next week! Sigh, I'm losing all Inti buddies okay? I have no idea how am I supposed to live a life without anyone I know. Yeah of course I have lunch buddies but sigh, whose gonna bring me around Inti when Suet is leaving Inti right! Ugh, sometimes I really hate her for doing so ;(

After registration, we went over to Pyramid to celebrate our after-party! I know right, they skipped college for friends! I so did not convinced them to skip classes okay wtf.


caught red handed noooooo..

God, I miss her like crazy.

Loves, V.

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