22 March 2010

Hello Inti!

I'm not lazy! Its just that I've too much to blog okay. So please excuse me for awhile until I fully settled down from college. What? Yes, I said college. (Sounds so crazy talking alone but just let me be please, I'm actually typing from the college lab. Its just the first day of school and my lecturer is late for class.)

Just came back from Taiwan a couple of days ago. Awesome is not quite a word to use but it was okay. How bad can Taiwan be la? If you ask, it wasn't worthy at all I must say ;/ Mummylove and I spent up to 7k+ just for 2 pax (inclusive of air ticket, pocket money, transportation) and its just Taiwan! Imagine having to spend 7k in Bangkok, just imagine the amount of goods we get to bring home then. "I'll only come back to Taiwan maybe after 10 years," said Mummylove.

But Vivi is quite a happy kid yknow! I can barely remember when was the last time I get to buy anything I like without having to bare all the nags and nos. I guess I have a price to pay hahaha!

I'll keep you updated soon!

Loves, V.

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