07 March 2010

Firsty Facey

Just got home after a super tiring day being a face model. Basically, you just sit down guai guai let the make up artist start scribbling your face. For your information, I do not earn any cash from this. Yan asked if I'm interested or not, so under the persuasion from Motherlove and cWey, I agreed. Why not right? I've never tried before.

The experience was.. mehhhhh. I'm really quite pissed with my brows though! She trimmed it really really really thin (like as if my ori brows isn't thin enuff right!!!) and now I feel very much browless. Though the shape is pretty but the brows are too thin omg. Everytime I touches e brows, it aches me in the heart wtf. The best thing? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRAW MY BROWS FML X3.

The make up artist did 2 looks on my face, a day and night. All makeup products used are from Aery Jo. Don't ask me what is it. I do not have any idea about this brand. She used really ridiculous colors on my eyes -- green and smokey magenta! I'm never a fan of eyeshadows because I have yet to master the skill of drawing on a monolid. No, it did not make me felt like trying out eyeshadows either.

Mind the love. Too much editing needed on the nose but I'm lazy liddat. This is the day look. Its actually green but it looks kinda blue-ish from the photos.

Night. A little smokey eye.

I got so fedup when she did my hair for me wtf. Why would anyone wanna see my hair when everyone would only pay attention on how she did the makeup for me. Okay la maybe its nicer that way but wtf. THE AMOUNT OF HAIRSPRAYS AND PINS SHE USED ON MY HEAD. OMFG! It felt like she was planting a flower on my head okay. Damn stress!

But I actually kinda liked it though. :)

There's more but i dropped it. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate pins.

All in all, waking up at 8fuckingam for a job liddat? No fucking way.

but I got to bring home the cute mirror wahahahaha.

Loves, V.

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