28 March 2010

Eva's 18th Birthday!

On the 20th of March which is not Eva's birthday yet, she decided to celebrate her birthday in advance. It was on plan for quite sometime till she finally got everything settled but yeah not sure if she had a good one but what else can I hope for but the best for her right. I love her okay!

James was the driver of the day. Having to pick all KK princess up from Bukit Jalil to KK and then to OUG. Its quite troublesome but he offered to do so! I did not take a gun and point in on his head and make him fetch us all three okay. I don't think I'll be this nice the next time I get my licence hahahaha.

It was a pool party but not many of us went down. I actually did have a permission to get wet but being soaking wet is just not my thing. I was on make up okay!

Sometimes I really hate Canon. I don't know why my photo turned out like that!

The odd one out. I look so happy being the princess!

Chimmy, Pauline, James.

BBQ's too.

Getting ready to ditch us for clubs.

Group pix!

Favo pic of the night with awesomest.

For more pictures, try Facebooking Eva :P

Loves, V.

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