30 March 2010

老娘的美丽日记: Bulgarian White Rose Mask

Main Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetal Collagen, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Glycerine, Algae, Propylene Glycol, Aloe, Licorice, Kiwi, Arnica, Pineapple, Bulgarian Rose Water, Cucumber, Hyaluronic Acid, Nanospheres, Bio-Active Silanols, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Triethanolamine, Tween 20, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Perfume.

Main Characteristics: Brightens and whitens the overall complexion. Skin becomes well hydrated and soothed.

Usage: Brightening & Whitening.

Suitable Skin Type: All skin types, esp for dull looking skin.

Vivi says: Honestly, I saved this mask for the last to use because Smelly initally told me how great this mask was! Save the best for the last of course *cough cough* I love this! Not that I could remember how it smell like anymore but it got my skin really smooth and skin tone really evened out.

Rating: 7/10.

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28 March 2010

Eva's 18th Birthday!

On the 20th of March which is not Eva's birthday yet, she decided to celebrate her birthday in advance. It was on plan for quite sometime till she finally got everything settled but yeah not sure if she had a good one but what else can I hope for but the best for her right. I love her okay!

James was the driver of the day. Having to pick all KK princess up from Bukit Jalil to KK and then to OUG. Its quite troublesome but he offered to do so! I did not take a gun and point in on his head and make him fetch us all three okay. I don't think I'll be this nice the next time I get my licence hahahaha.

It was a pool party but not many of us went down. I actually did have a permission to get wet but being soaking wet is just not my thing. I was on make up okay!

Sometimes I really hate Canon. I don't know why my photo turned out like that!

The odd one out. I look so happy being the princess!

Chimmy, Pauline, James.

BBQ's too.

Getting ready to ditch us for clubs.

Group pix!

Favo pic of the night with awesomest.

For more pictures, try Facebooking Eva :P

Loves, V.

22 March 2010

Hello Inti!

I'm not lazy! Its just that I've too much to blog okay. So please excuse me for awhile until I fully settled down from college. What? Yes, I said college. (Sounds so crazy talking alone but just let me be please, I'm actually typing from the college lab. Its just the first day of school and my lecturer is late for class.)

Just came back from Taiwan a couple of days ago. Awesome is not quite a word to use but it was okay. How bad can Taiwan be la? If you ask, it wasn't worthy at all I must say ;/ Mummylove and I spent up to 7k+ just for 2 pax (inclusive of air ticket, pocket money, transportation) and its just Taiwan! Imagine having to spend 7k in Bangkok, just imagine the amount of goods we get to bring home then. "I'll only come back to Taiwan maybe after 10 years," said Mummylove.

But Vivi is quite a happy kid yknow! I can barely remember when was the last time I get to buy anything I like without having to bare all the nags and nos. I guess I have a price to pay hahaha!

I'll keep you updated soon!

Loves, V.

17 March 2010

This I Swear

All's Well Ends Well Too 2010.

Rating: 4/10.

Besides the fact that I love Angelababy, there's nothing worth watching. Although the actors&actresses does have really great sense of humor but I swear the story line suck badly. Not worth a single penny watching in the cinema.

72 Tenants of Prosperity.

Rating: 8/10.

I'll give it a smile. It was pretty good compared to the rest of the CNY movies. It took 3 days for me to finally get touch of the movie but I guess it was quite worthy for the fact that the story was pretty good.

Rating: 8/10.

I was quite against action movies from the very beginning. But under the persuasion, I watched this and it was pretty good! John Travolta is really funny and Johnathan Rhys Meyers is one hell of a hottie. *drools* What? I'm a girl okay! Very worth every single penny teehee! Well not because I'm bias okay, I just thought everything was good. ;)

Hot Summer Days.

Rating: 7/10.

I've waited long enuff for a companion for this movie. Well, you can never say no to Daniel Wu can you? Angelababy? Vivian Hsu?! The beginning is a bit uninteresting but the story gets better then so yes have a little patient for it okay. Its very touching at the end I swear! I teared like a mini dripping tap water. Oh by the way, if you're not a romance person then don't even bother watching this.

Rating: 7/10.

I expect everyone looks forward to this after the movie poster and trailer?? Quite a few awesome actors and actresses and the movie was good and that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. But its not something I'll watch again in the cinemas. I'm only up for home DVDs! ;D

Rating: 7.5/10.

Suits almost all fucked up teenagers. Don't get me defining what fucked up teenagers means okay. Moral of the story was okay and it gets abit touching in the middle. Yeah, death is not something you wanna play with. You wanna die? Think again baby.

Rating: 4/10.

I don't know anything that shows more disappointment than a swt face. I dislike it and its not even worth every penny! Just at the very beginning, I nearly fell asleep watching this wtf but with my constant brainwash from myself, I manage to stay awake throughout the whole movie. Call me stupid but I can't really tell what Alice says most of the time. I don't understand British slang ;( Besides the big headed queen, there's nothing you would look forward to anymore.

RM18 for a 3D movie like that was definitely unworthy!

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Loves, V.

15 March 2010

May I have your attention please?

I may not say it quite as much as I should,
When I say I love you darling that means for good,
So open up your heart and let me in.

12 March 2010

SPM Results Day & After Party.

YUP, I collected my results and I shan't let you know wahahahaha. A little disappointment but it was all good! The hard works really did paid off, not well but it was alright. The unexpected ones were really far from my expectation but whereas the expected ones were a little beyond my expectation wtf. I think it all works this way eyy.

Sri KL all over again. Having to see all teachers and students. It never felt this good I swear! Oh and just in case you were wondering, I did not have one bit of nervous the night before my results. I just.. didn't know how and what to feel I guess. Until the minute I stepped into school, I still did not felt nervous. Well, not until we were standing in front of the table, trying to convince our friends to go first hahaha. Very nerve wrecking okay!

Nope this is not how I looked like when I'm nervous LOL. We were waiting for Peiwuon okay!

Got over to Inti to register myself and I'll enroll next week! Sigh, I'm losing all Inti buddies okay? I have no idea how am I supposed to live a life without anyone I know. Yeah of course I have lunch buddies but sigh, whose gonna bring me around Inti when Suet is leaving Inti right! Ugh, sometimes I really hate her for doing so ;(

After registration, we went over to Pyramid to celebrate our after-party! I know right, they skipped college for friends! I so did not convinced them to skip classes okay wtf.


caught red handed noooooo..

God, I miss her like crazy.

Loves, V.