14 February 2010


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Hopefully the first day was going well so far. Mine certainly did not started off well. Not when I only got to sleep at 430am while watching Kangxi and waking up at 8am with some mini arguments with Mummylove but it was all good. I initially planned to wake up earlier but I snoozed like 3 times till I sense Paps walking to our room wtf.

Hello aryclic! Obviously I did not pay up crazy amount of cash just for nails. I seriously would rather save it for my cosmetics instead wtf. Yan did it for me when I went over for facial. It was actually cWey's idea to get her doing both Mummylove and my nails but she was too busy to even come over my house so no nice nails for Mummylove hoho. I was actually the guinea pig :P but I think she did a pretty good job for she only attended 1 class.

I didn't wanna cut my real nails off so uncut it is. It doesn't bother me though but if you have been following my tweets, when I first came home with the nails, it was fuhreaking long! I cannot do shits not even the simplest thing! Cannot pull up zip, cannot dig ears, cannot open a can drink, cannot on switches, cannot type sms, cannot press buttons from the remote control, etc. It was so bloody intolerable so I took 3 fucking hours from 12am and filed my nails all the way till 3am. So far, I'm loving the nails liao! Even when it falls off so frequently but I always manage to find my nails back wahahahaha. Stick it and reuse it lor! :P

Face of the day. Damn in love with my makeup today! Don't ask me why but you can never tell from the pictures wahahaha.

Getting ready for Lou Sang @ Grandma's.

Lou Sang war.

Lou ahhhhhh ~ lou ahhhhhhh ~

It was all over the table wtf. Not that I got a bite from it either ish. Surrounded by so many of em!

CLEARED! Noone blocking anymore.

Angpau come come.

Loves, V.

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