11 February 2010

Vanilla Twilight

Usually around this time of the season, I would be super duper happy awaiting for CNY to come just because I love the angpaus and can't wait to wear the new clothes teehee. But I can't feel anything this year! I did not look forward to shopping nor angpaus anymore. Perhaps I'm starting to feel a little worried for my angpaus wtf. I cannot stop using them and each time I take a RM50 note, I would tell myself, "Aiya okay la, next time put another RM50 inside again." But it never works.

Tried to spend as minimum as I could already especially when Taiwan is just a month away *triple cheers* Have been spending money like water for the past 2 months wtf. The camera burden my damage like crazy wtf I have yet to take any of my allowance since then. I'm only supposed to cut 2 weeks of allowance buthen Mummylove is so cunning can die T_T

Collected the deposit from Sri KL yesterday. My heart was somewhere near pounding when I got down from the car okehh. It feels like first day of school all over again and I met 2 teachers who taught me but I don't have the ballz to greet them at all wtf. It'll be super shy when she couldn't recognize and start asking me which class I was from and what's my name lol.

Nah, unglam photo wtf.

I really need to start cutting down on my eyeliner wtf. Must go for the most minimum make up!

Loves, V.

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