06 February 2010

Mini Reunion!

Camwhored before I left the house teehee.

Was so excited bout meeting up with everyone! The night before I had a little insomnia wtf I only got to slept at 3am. Mummykins dropped me at Papparich and I met up with Suet and Peiwuon! Supaaaaaa ♥. Somehow I think both of them got prettier wtf. It feels different to be seeing them with boooks everywhere and with their student card around their neck.

Lylia, Derrick, Wenjie and Ti Kian then came over to meet up. Haven't got to see Wenjie and Lylia for more than a month wtf. Ever since SPM end! The feeling having to see everyone was so good I swear. While people walk pass our table, you get to see familiar faces from SriKL also. *shed a tear* Said the hellos and byes.

Everyone thinks I'm not studying anymore wtf. Why ah hello? A friend of mine actually said this to me, "Vivian why you wanna study? Just spot any rich guys here, get pregnant, and get married." Major WTF x FML. I wanna study okay! Its just that I'm taking the May intake instead of the Jan one and don't bother asking why I'm not taking March intake instead because Inti doesn't offers March intake and now its said that they have March intake already but I'm going to Taiwan in March so I can't enroll ok?! Don't think I'll be able to take my SPM results also wtf.

Farah, Ian and Saby came over for awhile then.

Pictures from Gnes's Macbook. His gonna be the best brother-in-law ever okay, Bzzz? *hint hint* Initially, he came over to accompany me meeting up with all my loves but Suet suggested karaoke so we went over to Neway and it sucks, SO BADLY!! I hate everything there -- from the room to the mic. Sound system was crap and the page where you get all the songs? IT WAS SO BLOODY CONFUSING. Now, don't be itchy and tell me that I'm too stupid to understand it okay wtf.

The only picture took in Neway. Suet is LOVE!

Picked Lylia up and went over to Snowflake for dessert. I was craving for their taroballs so badly!

Super aunty shot. Aunty Lylia took this.

Sho kewt Vivi HAHAHAAHAH ♥

I so did not pose for this. I was telling Lylia to note June 16 down because its Gnes's birthday!

Kewt #2

Kewt #3

Not kewt.

Movies at Pyramid. Have been wanting to watch Tiger Woohoo! because its always full! Like in every fucking cinemas. I tried my luck 3 times but its always full but the 4th time work teehee.

Before that, we had 2 hours to kill so we were walking everywhere to kill time and ended up inside Parkson because Hello Kitty wants to check Hello Kitty out. Oh and that is Zaotut Kitty hugging Hello Kitty by the way :P

Rating: 7/10.

Funny but stupid at a few scene. Not too bad but even if you didn't watch it, its okay. Not something very very very worth watching though but I must say, this is better than alot of Singapore movies lol.

*I felt so bad when Gnes fell asleep watching this wtf.*

Times up! Fetched Lylia home and my awesome day ended wtf.

I guess you're not too blind to notice the slight changes here and there. I'm out of ideas and I'm not fucking creative. I really dare not revamp my whole blog wtf. Don't tell me it looks like shit or whatsoever ok! I tried my best and I skipped brunch for this FML.

Loves, V.

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