09 February 2010

May you burn in hell

Woopsie, sorry for the ultra pissy post yesterday. I really wish I could share it with all of you out there -- it practically made me opened my eyes bigger and the thought of being nice is gone. Why the fuck do you even need to be nice when ones is not even being nice to you right?? They don't even fucking deserve being nice!! Karma is so gonna get you. Look forward to it.

Thank you for those who are concern. I am doing absolutely fine, shoul not let people like him to stay this long in my memory although I doubt I'll ever forget what happened but its okayy, I'm bringing this hatred with me. I don't mind keeping and for this, I shall not forgive and forget. Oh God, please dear God, may he loses his job and everything important to him wtf. He has a job as dirty as a ahc gnij ffs.

But honestly, how great do you think you are? You are nothing without us. You're not worth anything not even my dog's poop. A word of mine, go get another job or perhaps a beggar? Hmm, it suits you best.

The last.

Loves, V.

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