23 February 2010

Hana Dul Seh!

I'm happy! I'm trying really hard not to be lazy for once but sometimes you can't really help it, can you? I've been out everyday for almost a week and coming back at late hours isn't really a helping hand wtf. CNY has been really awesome especially when you get to gamble, drink, going out and coming back late everyday and yet noone would fuck you up!

Had been drinking quite alot lately and I don't like it wtf. Not that I don't like to drink but I realize the tone of my voice is going a pitch lower. The other day when I was singing 下雨天, I cannot hit the high notes anymore wtf wtf! So, I must must must must cut down. I don't wanna have a hole in the organ (Sorry science freaks, I forgot which part of the organ already WTF WTF) and NO to belly tummy!

Fast forwarding too... last Thursday! when Bee decided to cook us all a dinner. Not very much impressed with her work wahahaha but it was obviously better than my expectation. You have no idea how worried I was when she said she wants to cook wtf. Cold Storage for grocery shopping! And going grocery shopping with friends is 10x better. Oh oh and we met Marion Caunter there too!

Ah So on board.


Lea and Perrins ambassadors!

Dono why behind that guy pan ke ai.

So hot. *drools*

Sexyback fail badly.

The man behind the porkchops and lambchops!



Bee's butter mashed potato.

Almost done!

Ready to be served.

Rating: 6/10.

Credits to Beljian kor kor for helping out! HAHAHAHAHAHAA.

Loves, V.

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