23 February 2010

Dermal: Collagen Essence Mask

Vivi says: This thing is love. Its super moisturizing and leaves my skin in a really smooth condition! I absolutely love the scent of it. Its not anything fancy but it makes me feel really calm. I haven't actually notice if it balances out my skin tone as well but because I've been on a regular weekly mask, my skin is actually getting better. Besides, enlarged pores wtf. So, give it a try! By the way, this is from Korea.

Rating: 8/10.

Oh and another thing I love about Dermal masks is that, it comes with this thing that covers your eyes.

I realize most masks does not provide this anymore. WHY! Its like if its a whitening mask, you're gonna leave yr eyes looking odd whereas yr whole face turns fairer wtf. This is what I do, I cut that piece of and leave it on my lips. Your lips needs to be taken care also okay!

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